Minecraft Marketplace

Did you know you can make money on the Minecraft Marketplace? Yes, that’s right, Microsoft and Mojang have opened the doors to creators to sell their Minecraft Content to the general Minecraft Community. Well, it was actually launched in the Spring 2017 update, so check to see if it’s availableRead More →

Steemit for Dummies

Hey Guys, you’ve totally heard about Steemit, right? Well, if you haven’t, Steemit is doing great things right now in the blogging and social media space. So here’s my Steemit for Dummies guide, to give you a head start on your Steemit Journey. Imagine writing something, and not only gettingRead More →

Takumi Review

In this Takumi App Review, we’ll look at how Instagram Influencers can make money with as little as 1000 Instagram Followers. Yes, that’s right you can start making money with as little as 1000 legit Instagram Followers. And Takumi makes the process super simple and pain-free once you get theRead More →

weird ways to make money

Admittedly, making money online is much easier than making it offline, but if you still like the old ways of the hard grind then here are 33 Weird Ways to Make Money. Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to make money in areas that are underserviced, because quite frankly theyRead More →