33 Weird Ways to Make Money

Admittedly, making money online is much easier than making it offline, but if you still like the old ways of the hard grind then here are 33 Weird Ways to Make Money.

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to make money in areas that are underserviced, because quite frankly they are hard, or not as sexy as an office job.  But if you like the challenge of something new, different and downright weird, then take a look at this 33 weird ways to make money.

You may have heard of these jobs before, but did you realize they are all within your reach?

For those that can’t watch the video, he’s the complete list.

33 Weird Ways to Make Money

PEDICAB RIDER – If you like the outdoors then invest in a pedicab and taxi people around the city. And on slow days you could also moonlight as a bicycle courier. You may require a permit

TREE SURGEON – You will need training to be a tree surgeon, and while trees continue to grow, there will always be a ready supply of work for the right person.

auto repossessionAUTO REPOSSESSION – Companies usually pay a percentage of the repossession fee or bonuses in addition to hourly wage.

CRAFT BEER BREWER – Craft or specialty beer is becoming more popular. Volunteer to get experience in a craft brewery or do a microbrewery course and craft your own

MAKEUP ARTIST – Usually requires training but people make a healthy living from youtube sharing makeup tips and tricks. Brand opportunities exist for large channels with plenty of subs.

CASINO DEALER – Go to dealer training school. 2-week course. Start in smaller casinos to gain experience – hourly rates plus tips

PART-TIME MAGICIAN – Teach yourself or go to magic school. Find work at kids parties on weekends and retirement homes during the week. Rate is a few hundred dollars per gig.

DEMOLITION WORKER – Start as laborer in construction cleanup and then work your way up. Eventually look to start your own business as that’s where the money is.

RODEO CLOWN – If clowning around is your thing, then get paid to clown around at a rodeo. Jobs are rarely advertised so ask another clown for advice and buy insurance.

BOUNTY HUNTER – You’ll need a license and a contract with a bail bondsman to get started. If you need experience then start in the office to learn the ropes.

STREET PERFORMER – A permit might be required but no experience is necessary. Learn from other street performer and bring a new idea to the streets.

METAL DETECTING – Beaches are a great place to search for valuables such as coins and jewelry and a secondhand metal detector can be really inexpensive.

weird ways to make moneyGOLF BALL FINDER – Collecting golf balls from golf course lakes can be a decent income. Resell them as practice balls but be sure to ask for permission before diving in.

FIREWOOD SELLER – If you don’t have access to firewood stocks then buy unsplit wood and split to value add the process. People will pay for convenience.

ROOFTOP SNOW REMOVER – You can earn $100-$300 per rooftop but liability insurance is a must. Start out with a professional company to gain experience then go it alone.

WORM FARMING – Fishing worms sell for around $25 per pound and composting worms sell a little cheaper. Use waste from fruit and vegetable stores to feed your worms and watch them multiply

CRICKET-FARMING – Live crickets are used to feed frogs, lizards and turtles and can sell for $50 per 1000. Sell online or to local pet shops or zoos.

CRIME-SCENE CLEANER – It’s a dirty job but someones got to do it. Cleaning up after a crime can fetch around $200/hour so even take small jobs. Learn the ropes by working for someone else.

SEPTIC CLEANER – Start by working for someone else and apply directly to septic cleaning companies as positions are rarely advertised. You’ll also need to learn the local regulations.

MAGGOT FARMER – Maggots make great fishing bait and are easy to breed. But make sure you have a ready supply of customer or you’ll have more flys than maggots. Stinky work.

RECYCLING MATTRESSES – Old mattresses can be rebuilt and resold as new, usually only requiring new linings. Buy or find old mattresses and resell to a wholesale buyer who will recondition them

MOBILE PET GROOMER – Mobile pet grooming is easy to get started and there are plenty of dogs or cats around that need grooming. Start with discounted fees until you build a solid client base.

DOG WALKER – Dogs need exercise and when the owners have a busy lifestyle the pets often get neglected. People pay to walk dogs daily. So build a client base and get walking.

VOICE OVER WORK – If people suggest you have a nice voice then use it for voice over work. You just need a quality microphone to get started. And can advertise on places like Fiverr. Read more here

Graffiti RemovalGRAFFITI CLEANER – Councils are usually responsible for graffiti removal and sometimes contract this task out. Ask your local council who cleans the walls and undercut them.

TEMPORARY TATTOOS – Tattoos might look cool but having them forever is not for everyone. Buy temporary tattoos in bulk and sell them at craft markets and fetes.

HUMAN GUINEA PIG – Medical research subjects are regularly advertised in the papers, you get paid for being in a study. Look out for nutrition based studies as you’ll also get fed.

METAL RECYCLER – Metal is becoming more expensive to buy so recycling old metal really does pay. Copper and stainless steel pay well, and obviously gold and platinum do too.

SIGN SPINNER – Businesses need attention and sign spinning is something anyone can do. Sign spinners may also dance or wear costumes in order to attract attention

HOUSE NUMBER PAINTER – People will pay to have their house numbers painted on the curb, so they can be easily found. Go street by street and you may need a permit for this job.

WINDSHIELD REPAIRER – You buy a professional windshield repair kit for around $500.Then walk through car parks to find clients, dropping flyers on windshields that have stone chips.

PET SITTER – Boarding kennels aren’t the nicest place to leave your pets, so pet sitting has become big business. Works with house sitting too. Liability insurance recommended.

GARBAGE BIN CLEANER – Garbage bins stink over time and should regularly be cleaned. It’s a dirty job and you can charge a small fee per bin to do the dirty work. Rely on word of mouth referrals.

So these are some of the weirdest ways to make money I could find.

So what are some of the weird ways you make money?

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