7 Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging

7 Easy Ways to Make Money BloggingHave you ever wondered if there are easy ways to make money blogging? Well compared to most other ways to make money online, blogging is still a solid choice.

You see bloggers make money in a variety of ways and if you follow a few basic rules, it’s almost impossible to fail to make money from your blog.

Of course, the beauty of blogging, is it’s a scalable business. And as your blog becomes more popular, you’ll get more traffic and ultimately you’ll make more money.

Even if you just stick to banner advertising.

But there are many more ways to make money blogging other than just banner advertising, so let’s take a look at 7 easy ways to make money blogging online.

7 Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging

#1 Banner Advertising

By far this is the easiest way to make money blogging. You simply setup up a Google Adsense account, create an advertisement placeholder, and then publish this on your blog.

Then when people visit your website, people see the ads and when they click on them, you get paid.

Of course, not everyone is going be interested in clicking on an advertisement so your revenues heavily depend on the type of traffic you attract and volume of readers passing through your website.

As a new blogger, you’re unlikely to have the sorts of traffic needed to make this work for you from day one.

#2 Affiliate Advertising Programs

Now affiliate advertising programs are another easy way to make money blogging. However, they do require a little more effort on your part, as you’ll be trying to encourage readers to purchase items from the Affiliate Advertising Program you’ve joined.

A popular Affiliate Advertising Program is Amazon Associates.

With Amazon Associates, you promote items from the Amazon Online store and when a reader purchases something, you get paid a percentage of the purchase price for the entire transaction.

The commissions range from 2-6% depending on the amount of items you refer, but as mentioned you also get a percentage from the other items they might buy during their Amazon visit.

Spend a little time understanding the needs of your niche and feel free to recommend some products that might be a good fit.

#3 Affiliate Advertising Network

If you don’t want to be limited to one affiliate advertising program, then consider joining an Affiliate Advertising Network.

Companies like ClickBank and Share-A-Sale bring all different affiliate products together under the one virtual roof.

And once you join you’ll have access to a number of different affiliate products to promote.

#4 Sell Ad Space

When your blog is up and running you might be approached by advertisers wanting to buy advertising directly on your website. This cuts out the Banner Advertising middlemen and will usually result in a higher rate of pay for your ad space.

If you don’t want to find the advertisers yourself, you can use a company like BuySellAds and they’ll find advertisers for you.

#5 Sponsored Posts

Other easy ways to make money blogging include publishing sponsored posts. With a sponsored post you find a product you like and write a specific piece or review on the product.

And rather than get paid commissions on sales like for affiliate marketing, you usually get paid a flat rate for the service.

Of course, the aim is to promote and sell the advertisers product, so you can also direct people to somewhere they can buy the product. This might include an Amazon link.

Just be sure to clearly identify it’s a promoted post to ensure you comply with FTC regulations or the local Trade Commision Act in your country.

#6 Create and Sell a Product

As your blog develops, so too will knowledge on the subject you blog about. This often leads to an opportunity to create a digital product or ebook which you can sell on your blog.

Alternatively, you might blog about a cause or movement and feel there is a better opportunity to sell merchandise like t-shirts.

Just leverage your existing audience to sell your products and let them spread your message.

#7 Leverage your Newsletter

After you’ve started your blog, and have a steady flow of traffic, you might like to allow people to subscribe to your blog to receive regular updates. And once they’ve subscribed, you have the opportunity to communicate with them directly through email.

Take this opportunity to recommend products they might find useful, but remember to never hard sell or they might unsubscribe.

And always give your newsletter subscribers more value than offers.


So there you have it 7 Easy Ways to Make Money Blogging.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to make money blogging but these are surely the easiest.

So are you ready to start a blog?

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