AppBounty Review – Is AppBounty Legit

In this AppBounty Review, we look how to use Appbounty to play and get paid and answer the question “Is AppBounty Legit?”

You see it’s hard to believe that you can get paid just for downloading free apps to your phone, so we’ll uncover the business model that makes this possible for companies like AppBounty.

AppBounty Review

What is AppBounty?

AppBounty ReviewAppBounty is a mobile app that rewards you for downloading mobile apps you’d not normally discover. It’s free to join and once you download the AppBounty app it’s easy to earn giftcards for all your favorite online stores.

You can get gift cards for iTunes, Google Play, Minecraft Servers, XBox Live, Amazon and more…

And best of all once you’ve downloaded the apps and you’ve received your credits you can remove the app if it’s not something you’ll use.

How to Use AppBounty?

First head over to AppBounty and install the App for your smartphone. Use the Invite code – duiuzkke to claim 50 free credits. Then start downloading apps to your phone.

You can install as many as you like and can always remove then after you get your free credits.

Some apps are worth more than others so target the high paying apps first. The really high paying apps for games may even require you to complete a few levels but they are definitely worth the extra time needed.

And once you’ve earned enough Appbounty credits head over to the rewards tab and exchange your credits for free giftcards.

Let’s take a closer look at the AppBounty review video…


Is AppBounty Legit?

Of course, it is. Anything that’s been around for more than a few years is surely enough time to flesh out the scammers. So don’t ask yourself is AppBouty Legit but rather, does AppBounty Work.

Does AppBounty Work?

Is AppBounty LegitYes, it does and the more apps you download the more credits you’ll receive. And forget the ‘Appbounty Hacks’ or ‘AppBounty Hack Codes’ as you’ll waste your time on something that is just trying to game an already easy system.

If you think AppBounty isn’t checking regularly for hacks and Appbounty Hack codes then you have rocks in your head. Just use this Invite Code –


Take your 50 free credits and continue to download as many apps as you can, and that way you won’t get banned.

AppBounty is a legit business that uses your attention to make money from app developers who want to get their app in front of as many eyeballs as they can. And App Developers know the more downloads they get, the higher ranking they’ll receive in the App Store. So they are prepared to pay companies like AppBounty which in turn reward you with free gift cards.

So if you want to get rewards for downloading apps, then you should certainly give AppBounty a try.

Tip: If you’re inactive for 60 days your credits get wiped so regularly download apps at least until you can cash out.

AppBounty Referral Program

Yes, there is an AppBounty Referral Program and if you tell your friends you can earn up to 250 extra Appbounty Credits per referral. And best of all your friend also gets 50 credits to get started, so it’s a Win-Win.

Here’s my Invite Code if you are looking to Join Appbounty and want 50 FREE CREDITS to get started

Invite Code – duiuzkke

Just install the Appbounty App and head over to the Invite section and put in that invite code and 50 credits will be added to your account instantly 🙂

NB: You get 250 AppBounty credits per iOS install and 100 credits per Android install, however, these reward values may change over time.


AppBounty is great if you want to earn free giftcards you can use to download other apps that you need to pay for, or even to buy something on Amazon. AppBounty is Legit and I’ll have payment proof soon.

AppBounty won’t make you rich but can help you to earn a little extra money without any real effort.

Potential Earnings: 2 MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 2 hours


Thanks for taking the time to read this AppBounty Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.