ArticleBunny Review – Freelance Writing Jobs for Articles

In this ArticleBunny Review, we take a look at how you can make money doing freelance writing jobs for articles. Yes, you’ll actually get paid to write other people’s articles for them.

So if you love writing, have some spare time and need extra money then consider writing for Article Bunny and get paid to do the thing you love.

ArticleBunny Review

What is ArticleBunny?

ArticleBunny ReviewArticleBunny is owned and run by Bunny Inc. A company established in 2012 that provides professional writing services online to their many worldwide customers.

But rather than providing cheap article writing services, ArticleBunny specialise in the high end, quality article writing service niche.

If you’re looking for Freelance Writing Jobs for Articles and you’re a professional writer, then maybe Article Bunny is just what you’ve been looking for.

How Does ArticleBunny Work?

  1. Clients subscribe to receive articles periodically.
  2. They specify the type of articles they are looking for.
  3. Then ArcticleBunny matches them with the best writer (you).
  4. The writer works on the project and submits the work.
  5. The team at ArticleBunny reviews for quality.
  6. Then the client approves the work.
  7. And the you get paid.

It’s that easy and because the process is the same for all articles, it means you can concentrate on writing and not the client liason.

ArticleBunny also offers writing contests to their clients where a number of writers might compete for the same project. But expect to get a higher rate of pay for this type of work.

Let’s take a look at the ArticleBunny Review video…

Freelance Writing Jobs for Articles

Freelance Writing Jobs for ArticlesWe’ve covered a few websites that are perfect for freelance writing jobs for articles, but these tend to be lower end assignments. And the lower end assignments also don’t pay a great rate, so this is what makes Article Bunny so attractive to the professional writer.

Being a professional article service, Article Bunny gets to charge a higher rate for your work which ultimately leads to a higher rate of pay for you.

In fact, you set up your own rates and Article Bunny adds their commissions on top. Plus, there isn’t any application, subscription or commission fees to bother about.

But, you do need to be a Professional Writer before you apply to write for Article Bunny, as they accept less than 2% of Writer Submissions.

If you decide to apply, you can expect to be tested during the Application Process and they’ll be looking for response times too, as some Article Bunny clients require a speedy turnaround service.

So if you’re serious about looking for Freelance Writing Jobs for Articles, then you should apply to write for Article Bunny.

And your portfolio and samples of work will be shared with large clients from around the world, which may also lead to other job opportunities.

ArticleBunny Affiliate Program

There’s also an Article Bunny Affiliate Program where you can earn up to 50% commissions for referring clients to ArticleBunny. It’s as easy as sharing your link with people you know need professional writing services.

Here’s my affiliate link if you want to join Article Bunny –

Note: Referral Commissions are only paid when an article is purchased.


I’ve reviewed a few article writing services already, and ArticleBunny has to be the most professional writing service by far. And the great thing about working for ArticleBunny, is they find the work for you, so you can concentrate on writing awesome articles.

Their Affiliate Program is also very attractive and can also be used to make some decent money online.

Potential Earnings:  7 MONEYBAGS


NB: Although ArticleBunny accepts a low percentage of applications, it means there’s more work and money to go around for successful applicants.

Time Required: 2.5+ Hours


Thanks for taking the time to read this ArticleBunny Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.