Can you Make Money Online with Analysia or not

Analysia is one of those User Interface testing companies that you hear about from time to time. But can you make extra money?

The lure is big with this company as they pay a whopping $10 per 15-20 mins for User Interface testing. Now that’s a great return on your time, but how does it work?

Like other User Interface testing gigs, you are asked to complete a series of tasks on a website and need to record the screen and your thoughts during the session.

The aim is to evaluate how easy the website is to use, for everyday customers.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the video…

So, I signed up for this program and they suggest I now have to wait for an invitation email. However, I’m not holding my breath.

This site looks like it has been around for a while, and maybe they aren’t getting enough customers to keep up with the volume of testers they attract.

However, it’s a strange choice to include a pop-up ad when navigating to the sign-up page. Perhaps this is where they are getting the most traffic and thought they’d earn a few bucks to cover costs.

I haven’t given up on them as yet and are eagerly awaiting my first assignment, but I’m not waiting by the phone or Inbox.

I’ll keep you posted and will update this blog post, if and when I get to trial this product. But it’s important that I give these companies a try to save you the hassle of signing up and handing over your personal credentials, for something that could be a dead end.

Until then I’m going to downgrade the rating despite the potential for a good return on your investment in time.


Doesn’t appear to be many opportunities to review this company.

Earning Potential: 3 MONEY BAGS

3 moneybags rating

Time Required: 30 mins

15 minute time block