Chitika Review – Making Money from Pay Per Click

Now you’ve all probably heard about Google Adsense but did you know there are other Pay-Per-Click options out there? In this Chitika Review, I’m going look at how you can make money from  Chitika Pay Per Click Ads.

Yes, people make money with PPC Pay Per Click Advertising, let’s see how.

What is Pay Per Click?

Chitika AdsPay per click or PPC as it’s commonly known are those ads you see on most websites around the Internet. The way they work is the Publisher, website owner places an ad placeholder on their website, and a Pay Per Click company like Adsense or Chitika delivers ads to that placeholder.

When the reader likes something in the ad, they might click on it to explore further, and the website owner gets paid per click.

How much does Chitika Pay Per Click?

This really depends on types of content you are providing to your readers. Chitika uses what’s called non-contextual advertising which means it’s showing ads that don’t relate to the content that the readers are reading.

This means that the ads are different to that being shown by other contextual advertising companies like Adsense and could add additional interest to the reader as an alternative to traditional advertising. The rates depend on the type of ad that is being clicked.

For instance, you might make just a few cents for a non-competitive industry like bee keeping but make dollars per click if you blog about insurance or credit cards as these are really competitive terms and attract higher advertising bids.

Chitika doesn’t pay for impressions.

Chitika Review

Firstly, it’s good to know there are other Pay Per Click programs out there other than Adsense, because Adsense Terms and Conditions can sometimes get you in a spot of bother, or worse still your account gets canceled.

Let’s take a look at this Chitika Review video…

Interesting Fact: What is Chitika meaning in English? It simply means “in a snap” which is appropriate given the ease of setup required. The word comes from a Southern Indian language called Telugu.

How to make money with Chitika

Firstly, you’ll need a website or blog with at least some web traffic. Next you’ll go to the Chitika Sign-up page  and setup your account. It’s easy and there aren’t any special hoops to jump through to get Chitika Approval.

Then you’ll need to choose the types of ads you want to display. Chitika recommend the  550 x 250 ad unit to get started but they manage all standard ad sizes, so you’ll find the size that suits you.

Then you customize your ad and then work out where to place the ad of your website.

Then you customize your ad and then work out where to place the ad of your website.

Where to Place the Chitka Ads to Maximize Profit

You can place your Chitika ad anywhere on your website or blog but limit it to ads per page as more can be detrimental to your revenue.

This is where Chitika recommends you place your ads.

Chitika Review Ad Placement

Notice you best chances are above the fold, which simply means on the first page people see before having to scroll down further. The theory is people will always see that landing page and may never scroll further and see your ads, so it’s best to place what’s important to you above the fold.

This is what the 550×250 ad unit looks like…

Setting up a Chitika Ad

After choosing the ad type you prefer, you can customize the Ad display Unit to suit the theme of your website. However, if you are new to display advertising, it’s best to leave it alone as the default colour scheme is neutral and should look ok on most websites.

When you decided on the style of the ad you can go ahead and click ‘Get Code’ and then add that to your website, and the ad should start to appear almost instantly. Then the algorithm in Chitika reviews your website to find the most appropriate ads.

If you’re using a popular blogging platform like WordPress, you can install the Chitika WordPress plugin to make adding your ads super easy. Here’s the tutorial showing you how.

Chitika Ad not showing up – If your ads aren’t showing up then make sure you copied all the code into your website. If you’re sure it’s all there and don’t know where to look next then I recommend using the Chitika plugin as previously mentioned.

Chitika Support

Chitika support is reasonably good and you can expect response times from Chitika within 24 hours which is on par with the industry standard. However, I do like their knowledge base as you can find answers to the most common questions there. Check the Chitika support page before raising a ticket.

Chitika Affiliate Program

Another great way to earn money from this company is through the Chitika Affiliate Program. It not only rewards you for finding publishers that want to use Chitika but also rewards you for find advertisers who want to advertise using Chitika.

The affiliate program pays 10% from revenue of publishers and 10% of spending with Advertisers.

Here’s my affiliate link if you interested in joining –

And Thanks. 🙂

Chitika Minimum Payout and Payment Proof

Chitika will either pay you via Paypal or Check and the Chitika Minimum Payout is $10 via Paypal and $50 per Check. Balances are paid monthly, so if you haven’t reached the minimum amount it’ll be carried over to the next month.

So Chitika Ads are great if you have low volumes and don’t want to wait until you reach $100 like the Asense pay per click program, which can sometimes take months to reach.

I’ll add Chitika Payment Proof after I’ve placed some ads and make my first $10. So check back to this blog regularly to see how I went.

I hope you liked this Chitika Review and if there is anything you need to know then don’t hesitate to ask.


Chitika is a solid Pay Per Click alternative to Adsense and it’s especially great for people with low website traffic as their pay from as little as $10 balance. Now I suspect the revenue won’t be as good as Making Money From Adsense but I’m interested in seeing the results over time.

Potential Earnings: 6-MONEYBAGS

Time Required: 30 mins
15 minute time block