ClickChores Review – Get Paid to do Micro Jobs

In this ClickChores Review, we take a look at a website where you can get paid to do micro jobs. However, micro jobs usually mean micro pay so don’t get ready to quit your day job soon.

In fact, micro jobs are perfect for the person that only has limited chunks of time and still wants to make money online.

ClickChores Review

What are Micro Jobs?

ClickChores ReviewMicro Jobs are small tasks or jobs that can be completed in minutes or even seconds. A micro job task can also be completed by a number of people and form part of a larger task, like data entry.

There are a number of websites that enable you to do micro jobs online and get paid, but today we’ll look at

How Does ClickChores Work?

First, you sign-up with ClickChores.

You find a micro job that you want to do.

You complete the job.

Submit your proof that you completed the job.

Then you get paid.

Let’s take a look at the ClickChores review video…

How to Make Money with ClickChores

If you want to get paid to do micro jobs, here are some of the Micro Jobs available on

Search & Click

Search for keywords in Google and visit the related website.

Write an Article

Write short articles with specific keywords.


Comment on blogs, Yahoo Answers or even post comments with someone else’s links.

Post my Link

Add a link to your Website or blog or add a link to your profile.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmark a website on Digg, Delicious or Stumble Upon.


Share a post, like a Facebook page or comment on a post.


Follow a user, retweet or favorite a Tweet.


Fill out a survey, refer friends to a survey or vote on a survey.


Add +1’s to a site, or add a user to your circles.

Rating, Voting and Reviews

Add a positive review of a product, vote in a poll or rate a profile.

PayzaOn average you earn between 15 cents and a dollar per micro job and when you’re ready to withdraw your money, you can do this via Paypal or Payza if you don’t have access to Paypal in your country.

NB: Payza does take a little time to setup so it’s best to complete the paperwork before you need it. Payza is free to join.


Update: has been purchased by new owners and we are waiting to see if these existing micro jobs will still be available on the New Click Chores Website. I’ll update this blog post when it’s back online.


ClickChores Referral Program

There is currently no active ClickChores Referral Program.


ClickChores is a great way to get paid to do micro jobs, especially if you have limited time. The micro jobs are easy to complete and your earnings will grow over time.

At best it’s only extra money on the side so you shouldn’t expect to earn a full time living doing micro jobs.

But the best thing about this Mirco Jobs website is there is no minimum payout figure, so you get paid for the work you complete, however small.


Potential Earnings: 2-MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 30 minutes

15 minute time block

Thanks for taking the time to read this ClickChores Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.