Covered Call Investing – Born To Sell Review

In this Born to Sell Review, I’ll take a closer look at Born to Sell and the Covered Call Investing Strategy. Covered Calls are a conservative income-orientated investment strategy and enable you to earn extra income from stocks you already own.

Born to Sell Review

What is a Covered Call?

covered call is a market transaction in which the seller of the call option owns shares of a stock or other securities. And selling the call generates income in the form of the premium paid by the option buyer.

Or more simply you sell the right for someone to purchase your shares for a set price in a given time frame. In return, you receive payment for that option. As you already own the shares, you can ‘cover’ that sale if requested.

How Does Born to Sell Work?

Born to Sell ReviewBorn To Sell is a software development firm that creates easy-to-use covered call investment tools. They offer a covered call screener and covered call portfolio management software. These tools and management software helps you to track and discover new covered call opportunities.

To sell covered calls you’ll need the following:-

Broker – A registered broker is required to manage your transactions.

Stock – A minimum of 100 shares per call

Approval – Formal approval to do covered calls should be requested from your Broker

Management Software – Keeping track of calls and discovering potential


Tools and Managment Suite Features

Searching and Filtering

Top 10 – See the most popular covered calls across all members

Search – Find covered calls instantly

Income Goals – Finds covered calls that will help you to meet your monthly financial goals

Chain – Displays the covered call chain with bonuses

Portfolio Management

Summary – Current portfolio status

Calendar – Track ex-dividend dates for your stocks

Dashboard -Shows time remaining for your outstanding calls

Cover Me – Play ‘what if’ scenarios with your uncovered positions

Roll Me – Shows what happens with different strike positions

Diversify Me – Compares you position to the S&P 500 to discover covered calls in underweight sectors

History – Keeps track of all historical transactions

Essentially, Born to Sell helps you to discover and maintain covered call positions. With Born to Sell no longer do you need a complicated spreadsheet to do the heavy lifting and spends hours of research finding the bargains, but rather leverage the community and atumated research to pick the winners.

Let’s take a closer look at the Born to Sell Review video…


How to Make Money with Covered Calls

Making covered calls is a lot easier than you may think but first, you’ll need 100 shares and a broker who will authorize your covered calls. Fortunately, most brokers allow covered calls and it might be as simple as filling out a form.

Then you turn to Covered Call Management Software link Born to Sell to guide you in finding the right stocks at the right price.

And the potential is approximately a 2% per month return on investment, which translates to 24% ROI over 12 months without factoring in any compounding.

Sounds like a pretty good strategy doesn’t it and all the while you continue to own the stock or sell at a higher strike price.

But don’t take my word for it, try Born to Sell and see if it suits your needs.

Here’s the link to get started and you can trial the full suite of software for 2-week free with no obligation

Born to Sell Referral Program

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Once you’ve made a few extra dollars and are looking for a solid investment strategy, you can’t go past the Stock Market to improve your financial position. And with Born to Sell by your side you can learn which are the best stocks to buy for covered calls without any real knowledge of what’s hot on the stock market. And although it’s a modest monthly gain, it really adds up over a year and all the time is a low-risk strategy.

Potential Earnings: 8-MONEYBAGS

8 Money Bags Rating

Time Required: 2.5+ hours

Thanks for taking the time to read this Born to Sell Review and hopefully you learned more about Covered Calls and so if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.

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