Earn Fast Money as a Typist Completing SpeakWrite Jobs

SpeakWrite is a US based company that provides SpeakWrite Jobs to people from the US and Canada. The job entails doing transcription services for SpeakWrite’s clients and is a great work from home opportunity.

Even if you aren’t a fast typist (minimum 60WPM), you can still earn money with SpeakWrite as you can work at your own pace. Accuracy is more important than speed but that said, if you are a fast typist you’ll work through more SpeakWrite Jobs and earn money faster.

So why would you want to work for a company like SpeakWrite?

Well because they have a steady flow of work and you can treat this like a real job where you earn a steady income.

Take a look at this SpeakWrite Review to learn a little more about SpeakWrite Jobs…

How to apply for SpeakWrite Jobs

Well, first you have to apply to become a typist and complete a short 5-minute questionnaire.

Then based on your responses SpeakWrite will determine if you’re the right fit to become a SpeakWrite Typist.

If you get past this stage then you can start the evaluation process, which is a little like an online evaluation process.

  1. You’ll be asked to complete a short form with your personal information.
  2. You need to complete a short exercise to validate you have 60 WPM and above 90% accuracy (use this site to see how fast you type http://bigbrownbear.co.uk/learntotype/)
  3. Then you’ll provide more work history. At this stage they’re trying to work out if you are going to be reliable.
  4. Next you’ll install the software and perform some short tests.
  5. If you get to this stage then SpeakWrite will perform a background check to finalize the position.
  6. Finally, you’re ready to take on SpeakWrite jobs and start earning $12-$15 per hour.

As a SpeakWrite Typist, you can schedule your shifts, accept jobs and then complete the work.

And when you’re finished you upload the work and accept other assignments. Payment is made twice a month, either by check or direct deposit.

Working from home is much more flexible that going into a day job, as you can make the work fit around your lifestyle.

Maybe working for SpreakWrite is a second job or work you can complete when the kids go to bed. A normal typist wouldn’t have this sort of flexibility.

And best of all, the more SpeakWrite jobs or assignments you complete the better your typing will become.


Working as a SpeakWrite typist, will help to pay your bills but at 0.5 per word it won’t make you rich anytime soon. Given all the hoops you need to jump through, not every applicant will make it to paid work, but don’t lose hope, because you can earn much more money working for yourself by setting up a Transcription Services Fiverr gig and your speed won’t matter as much as you can work at your own pace.

But if you need a steady income of $12-$15 per hour then taking on SpeakWrite Jobs might be right for you.

Note: The time required to complete the application process is lengthy considering you might not even make it through the screening process.

Earning Potential: 6-Moneybags


Time Required: 2 hours