Earn Money Online with Traffic Monsoon

I was first attracted to Traffic Monsoon because of their traffic exchange program but soon realised there was so much more going on with Traffic Monsoon.

This company has been around for over a year and pitches itself as a revenue sharing advertising company. There are many facets to this company and we’ll take a brief look at the most popular ones.

But first let’s have a look around inside Traffic Monsoon…


A Quick Traffic Monsoon Review of it’s Services

Traffic Exchange

The Traffic Monsoon website is primarily a platform for traffic exchange. The idea is you view a website from another customer and in return they eventually see your website. This company also has global reach and you can target particular countries.

When you first start with Traffic Monsoon you can immediately begin surfing websites and start earning views in return.

The free account is structured with a 2:1 ratio, which means for every two websites you view, someone will view just one of yours.

This traffic exchange  ratio changes to 1:1 after the purchase of any product, even a $5 ad pack. (see below)

Buy Ad Clicks

Given there are thousands of people viewing websites daily, there’s also an opportunity to buy banner ads that are strategically placed around the website. And unlike traditional display advertising where you get charged per impression, Traffic Monsoon prefers the Google pay per click model.

Naturally there are a number of packages you can purchase for your website banners and you can even purchase a 10-second ad that appears everytime account holders log in, but be prepared to wait in a long line for this opportunity.

Revenue Sharing Position

One of the more interesting offerings on Traffic Monsoon is the ability to purchase revenue sharing Adpacks, that not only give you advertising credits but also allow you to take a share in some of the profits that the company makes.

Adpacks are purchased for $50 and expired after you receive $55 back in profits, after which you can cash out or reinvest. The theory is you can continue to earn advertising credit over and over again with just a single purchase if you keep rolling over your profits.

Cash Links

Once you are ‘qualified’ which actually means actually viewing 10 websites, you’ll get access to Cash Links when they become available. This is the service that allows you to make money online without investment on Traffic Monsoon.

However, these Cash Links are very popular as they could earn you around 2 cents per 60-second website view so take advantage of them if and when they become available.

Remember you need surf at least 10 websites within a 24 period for Cash Links to become active, which should only take 5 minutes of your time.

Traffic Monsoon Affiliate Program

This service is probably the easiest way to earn extra money on Traffic Monsoon.

When you refer other people you get 10% of the money they spend on the site including revenue sharing and ad purchases.

As a bonus, you also get the equivalent amount of money from any Cash Links that are credited to the customers you refer. It’s a win-win.

Here’s my referral link if you are thinking of joining Traffic Monsoon – Traffic Monsoon

Getting Money into Traffic Monsoon

Previously Traffic Monsoon used Paypal and this was the easiest way to get money into Traffic Monsoon. However, is recent months Paypal changed their policy on Revenue Sharing Businesses and has since ceased involvement with these programs. Therefore, you will need to use either Solid Trust Pay or Payza.

I have previously set up a Payza account and it wasn’t too hard, with just a few security hoops to get through.



Traffic Monsoon, has been around for over a year and according to the research I did, is paying its members regularly.

At the time of publishing this post I am still conducting my own research to further understand the potential on this website, so you should take a look around for yourself. Here’s my referral link again: – Traffic Monsoon

Given what I know I’ve downgraded the rating and will update it as I learn more. But even just sharing the affiliate link for this popular website, is a way to earn money online with a minimal time investment. It’s worth taking a look.

Earning Potential: 4 MONEY BAGS



Time Required: 30+ mins

15 minute time block