Easy Ways to Earn Money Online with Cash Crate

Today I look at another GPT (Get paid to…) website called Cash Crate. This website has a few signup bonuses that you can collect and has been around since 2006 which is quite impressive and increases its trustworthiness.

Yes, people are getting paid on Cash Crate and you can too.

People earn money on Cash Crate by completing offers, surveys, tasks, contests and games. They even have a cashback program in place for people that like to shop.

The minimum payout for Cash Crate is $20 and there are a number of payment processors you can use.

So let’s take a look at the video to see what all the fuss is about…

A neat feature of this website is the 2-tier referral system which enables you to claim money on referrals plus a little extra for the referrals they get.

It a free membership site and is available to everyone worldwide and they have an active forum for their community.

I found the surveys was one of the best ways to earn money online with Cash Crate. They payout at reasonable rates for the time you need to spend on them.

Tips on Taking Surveys

Be Honest – Usually the data you enter will determine the types of survey you’ll get. It’s in your best interest to give them as much detail as possible in order to get a relevant survey.

Choose the best paying surveys – Usually a survey will go longer than they indicate so choose the ones that have the best return as you’ll likely get a better return on your time.

Look for leading questions – Sometimes they’ll give you leading questions to make sure you fit into the surveys they have. Choose at least one of the options presented, which represents the closest fit for you.

Don’t choose too many products – When asked to list all the products you can think of, juts limit it to a few as it’s not a brainstorm session, you are just trying to get paid. The more products you tell them, the more questions you’ll need to answer.

Make a choice – There is nothing worse than spending 5 minutes on a survey and then reaching a dead end. If you’ve invested the time already then make sure you choose something, anything to continue on and get paid.

Take a break – Don’t go back to back on surveys as they’ll wear you down. Try mixing it up with another getting paid to click options on the website to break up the monotony of paid surveys.

Have Fun – Just enjoy the process and think of the money you’re earning.


I like Cash Crate and think the returns for the time spent are quite reasonable. There are plenty of ways to earn money here, and the 2-tier referral program makes recommending this to other people quite attractive. Here’s my referral link in case you want to sign up 😉 http://www.cashcrate.com/6400584

Earning Potential: 4-MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 60+mins

15 minute time blocks