Getting Started with a Blog

As we’ve seen so far, there are plenty of ways to make money online, but sometimes you already need to have an audience to make it successful. There are plenty of ways to build your audience in social media, but ideally you want something that you are in full control of.

Did you know only about 16% of your Facebook Fan page updates actually make it to your fans Facebook feeds?

And Twitter is a moment in time, so if you didn’t catch them online when you posted they are unlikely to see your message.

However, a blog is something that’s always available and your messages aren’t lost. You can refer back to a blog time and time again and can even use a blog to make extra money while you’re busy with other money making ideas.

Let’s see how easy it is to start a blog…

Why should you pay for a blog?

Well if you’ve ever created a free blog you’d soon realise the opportunities for advertising are very limited. Most bloggers firstly think of earning extra money with a display advertising program like Google Adsense, but then find their ‘free blogging platform’ doesn’t allow it.

Plus the traffic you receive on free blogging platforms is usually restricted to the audience you build up within that platform. People searching on the Internet rarely stumble across free blogging sites. Do you?

However, when you start your own low-cost blog or website your chances of ranking in Google search greatly improve.

Sure it’ll take some time but eventually you’ll be able to attract and retain the sorts of customers you are targetting.

Here’s the link to setting up a low-cost blog on iPage and here’s some step-by-step directions to help you get started –

How to make money with a blog

As mentioned earlier, the best ways to make money online usually involve having some sort of customer base or audience that you can leverage for your ideas.

And just posting a 500+ word blog post each week is enough to start attracting people to your blog. Sure it’ll take some time to get organic traffic from Google Search but you must get started.

While your traffic grows you can use your blog to sell via affiliate links (Amazon), display advertising (Adsense) or even charge people for guest posting on your blog.

SubscribeI’ll cover these ideas in more detail in later videos so be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for regular updates.

You see, starting a low-cost blog is one of the best investments you can make and you can always upgrade your blog as it grows to accommodate more visitors.

And since finding iPage I’m really happy that there’s now a low-cost alternative for everyone.

Go and start your blog today!

iPage low-cost Web Hosting

So this ‘Getting started with a Blog‘ post is about setting up your foundations for success for future money making opportunities and I’ll be referring back to this article whenever a blog will help you to earn some extra cash.

Don’t bother wasting your time with a free blog.

Setup a real blog that you own and control so you’ll be able to experiment with all the ways to make money online that I’ll introduce to you during the year.

You’ll really be surprised how handy this blog will be and it’ll pay for itself in no time at all.