GiftHulk Review – Earn Gift Cards Online

In this GiftHulk review, we look at this fun ‘Paid to Click’ website and discover how you can Earn Gift Cards Online. Yes, you can actually get free gift cards for just mucking about on the site.

Well, it seems like you are just mucking about, because you seem to get rewarded just about every time you click on something. Slowly building your Hulk Coins the EZ way. I guess that’s why it’s called ‘Paid to Click’.

Let learn a little more about Gifthulk.

GiftHulk Review

What is GiftHulk?

GiftHulk ReviewGiftHulk is a Get Paid to Click rewards site. Their members collect a virtual currency called Hulk Coins and those coins can later be redeemed for a wide variety of items in the Hulk Store.

And you can even win instant prizes by competing in their sweepstakes.

How Does GiftHulk Work?

If you want to earn gift cards online then you need to collect Hulk Coins from various activities on the site. You can complete surveys, join offers, watch TV, complete tasks or even earn Hulk Coins by referring a friend.

Each activity has a reward value, so you know exactly what you’re going to get as a reward for completing the task.

You can even win Hulk Coins with the Sweepstakes or Guess the Card game. Plus GiftHulk also posts GiftHulk codes on popular social media sites so you can enter the GiftHulk codes on the Fountain of Youth page and get more Hulk Coins.

And when you’ve earned enough Hulk Coins, you can redeem them for rewards and online gift cards.

However, GiftHulk is currently only open to residents from USA, UK Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, and Ireland.


Let’s take a look at the GiftHulk review video to learn a little more about GiftHulk…


How to Make Money on GiftHulk

Join GiftHulkThere are a number of ways you can collect Hulk Coins and eventually cash out and earn gift cards online. And unlike other ‘Paid to Click’ websites, GiftHulk is somewhat interesting.

Yes, you heard right, you might actually have a little fun on the GiftHulk website. I even shared one of the GiftHulk TV Ads on Facebook because it was so funny.

Anyway, let’s learn how to make money on GiftHulk.


  • GiftHulk Surveys – Give your opinions and get rewarded in Hulk Coins.
  • Offer Wall – Complete offers to earn more Hulk Coins.
  • Invite a Friend – Share you Invite Code and get 100 Hulk Coins. Plus your friends gets 250 Hulk Coins to get started. But you must use an Invite Code like this – DH1179961
  • Search – You’ll earn a few Hulk Coins for just completing a search and you can do this every hour.
  • GiftHulk TV – Watch 5 Ads or YouTube videos to earn 25 Hulk Coins. EZY
  • Tasks – You can even earn Hulk Coins by completing short tasks or micro jobs. One of the tasks is to create a blog post to earn 1000 coins. ‘Achievement unlocked’ and another is creating a YouTube video. Show me the money 🙂


  • GiftHulk CodesGuess The Card – You get a few tries at this each day, but don’t get greedy and try to guess the card. Try guessing the suit for an easier 4 coins.
  • Sweepstakes – You can trade in your Hulk Coins for entries to win free gift cards, but rather that buy 1 entry for 25 Hulk Coins, save up and get 50 Entries for 600 Hulk Coins, as you’ll have a much better chance.
  • Fountain of Youth – Regularly GiftHulk codes are published on social media sites around the web and when you find one, head on over to the Fountain of Youth page, enter the code and claim your reward.



GiftHulk Rewards – The GiftHulk store has a wide variety of online gift cards and physical prizes you can redeem with your Hulk Coins.

10000 Hulk Coins = $10

I especially like the idea of redeeming Hulk Coins for small gifts like earrings and gadgets and GiftHulk will pay the shipping for you. Yay!

Tip: Setup a Prize Goal and get a bonus 50 Hulk Coins. Just find a prize you want to work towards and click ‘Set as Goal’ 

GiftHulk Referral Program

Yes, there is a GiftHulk Referral Program and by sharing your GiftHulk INVITE CODE your friend gets 250 Hulk Coins added to their account and you get 100 Hulk coins. Do you want to be my friend?

And if your friend continues to earn Hulk Coins and collects 1000 coins, you’ll get a bonus of 500 Hulk Coins. Sweet!

Here’s my GiftHulk invite code – DH1179961  – so make sure you use it to get that 250 extra Hulk Coins when you join.

GiftHulk Payment Proof

Just a few days ago I cashed out some of my Hulk Coins for a Paypal Cash Card. The process was really easy and although it suggested payment could take 6 days, it only took 3 days to reach my Paypal account. Sweet!

GiftHulk Payment ProofSo if anyone is wondering is GiftHulk a SCAM, then I can confidently say ‘No’.

And as they say ‘nothing is free’ but if you join GiftHulk it comes really close. Join GiftHulk and earn gift cards online, today.


This GiftHulk Review has been quite fun and I guess that’s what GiftHulk are aiming for, with the ‘Paid to Click’ youth market clearly in mind. There are plenty of ways to find GiftHulk codes and bonuses so just keep on clicking and it won’t be long before you’re cashing out in the GiftHulk store.

And don’t forget to use a GiftHulk Invite code like DH1179961 to get your bonus 250 Hulk Coins 🙂


Potential Earnings: 3-MONEYBAGS

3 moneybags rating

Time Required: 1+ hours

15 minute time blocks

Thanks for taking the time to read this GiftHulk Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.