Ebates Review: How does eBates Work to Earn you Money

They say money saved is money earned and in this eBates review we learn how does eBates work to earn you money. Yes, not only can you save money on a website like eBates but can also earn it too.

Cashback websites have been around for a long time, but it’s only now there are other ways you can make money with these websites other than through spending your hard earned cash.

So when I started looking at cashback sites like eBates, I became interested to find out if this was another opportunity to earn money online.

What is eBates?

Ebates RevieweBates is one of the top cash back sites you can use to get cash back for shopping.

Cash back sites have been around for a long while and continue to earn shoppers between 1%-10% depending on the store and if there are any promotions on.

For instance, at the time of writing this, Ebates had a double cash back offer available for some online stores, so it pays to check back regularly to see what offers are available for you.

Take a look at this Ebates review video to learn more…

EBATES Review: How Does Ebates Work to earn you money?

It’s easy to get a cashback with eBates and you just need to think a little before you buy.

First, you’ll need sign-up to eBates so they can give you credit for the cashback.

Then when you want to do a little online shopping, you should check Ebates to see if the store you want to visit has a cash back offer. Alternatively, you can download the Ebates chrome extension button and have Ebates tell you when you can receive a cash back rebate when visiting websites. (recommended)

Ebates Sign inNow if there’s a cashback available, you just use the cashback link Ebates provides and continue shopping.

If you make a purchase, Ebates gets a small commission and then credits a cash back rebate to your account. This is on top of any savings you might ordinarily enjoy.

Then when you’ve earned over $5.00 you can either receive a check in the mail or payment via PayPal. The choice is yours.

Payments are scheduled for every 3 months, so start shopping now.

And if you have a favorite charity, you can always pass on the money to them.

Ebates Coupons

For an additional cashback bonus head over to the Ebates Coupon section to see if there are any extra savings you can make. Plus, you can stack these savings on top of the cashback rebates to earn even more money.

These Ebates coupons change regularly so check back often.

How does eBates Work

Ebates sign-up bonus

In the past when you signed up for eBates, you were offered a sign-up bonus, but these types of bonuses are periodical and may or may not exist when you decide to join. I was offered a $5 bonus when I joined and sometimes this is as much as $10.

However, it’s not worth waiting around for an Ebates new member bonus because you’ll be missing out on the cashback rebates in the mean time.

And although the sign-up bonus isn’t always available, what will make you money online is the eBates refer a friend bonus.

Ebates refer a friend

Just like most websites trying to build their members, Ebates has a referral bonus when you introduce your friends to Ebates. Right now you can get $25 just for referring a friend. But be quick because the rate is normally just $5.

Here’s my eBates referral link  if you want to join Ebates and support this site with your click. It’s free to join so why wouldn’t you.


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

So join up, and grab your referral link to share with your friends.

NB: There is a qualifying purchase amount of $25, which means to get your bonus referral fee, the person you referred needs to make a purchase totalling $25 or more within a year. Which should be pretty easy to achieve if they want to earn cashback rewards.

Is Ebates a SCAM?

Everyone wants to know if this is an Ebates scam because people just don’t understand how cashback works. Ebates could build a website that tricks you into visiting a number of online stores and then keeps a healthy commission for themselves.

But instead, Ebates decides that sharing the profits with you is a much more sensible approach and one that hopefully is good enough for you to share with your friends. See my eBates payment Proof below for more confirmation.

Let’s see how Ebates makes money.

How does eBates make money?

Typically cashback sites work on referral commission, and just like an affiliate marketer, they get paid to drive traffic to a companies website. Although it’s not like Adsense where you paid to send the traffic, eBates only get paid commissions when you actually buy something.

And because eBates drives a lot of traffic to shopping websites, they can negotiate a reasonable finders fee. Which is good news for you because that’s more money eBates will share, so you can get more money back for shopping online.

It’s really a win-win-win for the store, eBates and you.

Yes, you can earn while shopping online and Ebates is legit so give them a try and become an Ebates member today.

eBates Payment Proof

Hopefully, in this eBates Review I’ve highlighted some of the best ways you can earn money from eBates other than just buying stuff and getting a cash back. However, getting a cashback is also a nice bonus.

Here’s my eBates Payment Proof verifying that eBates does actually pay your money. This is no scam.

eBates Payment Proof

Note: It does a few months for the first payment to be made as they clear the referrals funds but if you’re a regular earner on eBates, you can expect payments more periodically.


It’s certainly easy to get cash back with a website like Ebates, and hopefully, you’re no longer wondering ‘how does Ebates work’.  Saving money is as good as making it, but the real money is in the Ebates referral code so be sure to spread the love around.

Now if you’ve already got an audience online because you decided to start a Youtube channel or blog, then just think of the bonuses you could make by just sharing your link.

1000 sign-ups x $25 = $25000 ChaChing!!

Of course, we can always dream, but hopefully, you can start to appreciate how differnet ways to make money online really complement each other.

[Update] Through this eBates Review I’ve managed to refer quite a few people to eBates, which is great, because it means you’re thinking about others ways to make money online. However, the referral bonus conversion rate isn’t great, because I’m not actively trying to get you spend the minimum $25USD required to active the Referral Bonus.

So if you want more money from eBates referrals then you also need to find a way for them to spend a little money first.

Potential Earnings: 5-Moneybags


Time Required: 30 mins


Thanks for taking the time to read this Ebates Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.