How to Earn Extra Cash Retweeting Twitter Tweets

Do you want to learn how to earn extra cash? Sure you do and all you’ll need is a Twitter account to get started. And with any luck you’ve managed to attract a few followers but you’ll need a lot more if you are about to make some serious money from Twitter.

One common strategy to grow your Twitter account is the ‘follow’ – ‘follow back’ method. In this method you follow people and the statistics suggest about 16% will simply follow you back. So in your spare time, just follow as many Twitter accounts as you can and wait for the follow backs to roll in.

The second part to this strategy is to unfollow those that didn’t follow you after a few days so Twitter doesn’t get suspicious. Try following my Twitter account and I’ll be sure to follow you back @365waysto

Another sure way to grow your account is to Tweet good content.

But you aren’t here to learn how to grow a Twitter account, you want to learn how to earn extra cash after you have already grown it.

Let’s take a look at the video…

How to Earn Extra Cash Retweeting Twitter Tweets

#1 – Build your Twitter Following

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need a twitter account with a substantial amount of followers, or your other strategy is to open a few twitter accounts and use all of them as your offering.

Either way it may take some time to build your account, but there is no harm in setting up your Fiverr Gig while you grow Twitter.

#2 – Open a Fiverr Account

Next you’ll need to open a Fiverr account and if you don’t already how one here’s my referral link that will get you a free Fiverr Gig

#3 – Setup a Gig

How to Earn Extra Cash on FiverrNext you’ll need to setup your Fiverr Gig.

Go to your dashboard -> Selling -> My Gigs

Then just click on the “Add New Gig” button and fill out the details.

For a Twitter Retweet gig you should use the Online Marketing / Social Marketing Category so you’ll be found easily.

#4 – Promote Your Fiverr Gig

One of the toughest challenges you’ll have is to get some forward momentum with your gig as you’ll have no feedback which people can judge you by.

If you have a few friends who owe you a favour you could always send them this referral link and they could use their free Fiverr Gig to purchase your gig. Then obviously, you’ll ask them to give you some positive feedback.

It might be just enough to get you started.

Fiverr Tip: Use a natural photo, for your profile as people like to deal with real people, not stock images. 

So that’s it in a nutshell and good luck with one of the easiest ways to earn extra money online.


Fiverr is such a solid marketplace and you can’t really go wrong, once you find the perfect Gig that suits you. This Fiverr Retweeting Gig is almost fool-proof once you get some good customer feedback. And remember that larger follower numbers always look more impressive. Aim for 100K and not 10K Twitter followers.

Earning Potential: 6-MoneyBags


Time Required: 30 mins

15 minute time block