How to Earn Money from Home with Spreadshirt

So you’ve got a great idea for a t-shirt design and think you can also expand into branded products but where do you turn?

You turn to Spreadshirt of course.

Spreadshirt is one of the leaders for branded products and t-shirt production. And unlike some of the other companies running this type of business Spreadshirt have expanded globally which means you can expect a localized experience.

Another great feature of Spreadshirt is your ability to set up an online shop for free, right there on their website.

Let’s take a look at the video…

As you can see it’s really easy to design your shirts and the turn those designs into real products.

How to Earn Money from Home with Spreadshirt

#1 Create a Product

  • choose a product
  • choose the design
  • add some text

#2 Start an Online Shop

  • create a customized shop
  • add your products
  • set your price
  • advertise directly to friends

#3 Sell through the Marketplace

  • create products
  • set the price
  • advertise on the Spreadshirt Marketplace

And there is an upside to the buyers in this marketplace too. If a customer buys a product and doesn’t like it, then it can be returned within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

It’s a refund policy like this that helps to attract new buyers to the Spreadshirt Marketplace and ultimately leads to more eyeballs checking out your products and designs.

There is definitely money in designing and selling T-shirts, but your margins for one-off designs are a lot less than selling through a crowdsourced model like Teespring. Nonetheless selling t-shirts online is a great home based business.


Spreadshirt appears to be the chosen merchandise company for some major Youtube channels  and as a consequence should attract more eyeballs to the marketplace. This service is great if you’re intending to sell to separate customers and or have a familiar brand than lends itself to all sort of merchandise.

Earning Potential: 7-MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 1hr +

15 minute time blocks