How to Find Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs

Entry Level Graphic Design JobsIf you’re looking to find entry level graphic design jobs, then look no further than online. There are a number of popular places to find graphic design jobs and they don’t always require you to be experienced.

However, Junior Graphic Design positions are really competitive so maybe you should look at other ways to find an entry-level graphic design job.

Find Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs Online

Your first option for finding entry level graphic designer jobs is to search for them on generic jobs websites, like, or even if you live in Australia.

But the problem with this approach is they aren’t specialising in Graphic Designer Jobs and usually they’re just looking for experienced candidates.

A better approach is to search for graphic designer positions on a graphic design jobs board.

4 Popular Graphic Design Jobs Boards

Here are a couple of graphic designer jobs boards that regularly list new graphic design jobs. – The jobs board is full of Graphic Design jobs and sometimes you’ll find entry level graphic design jobs listed here. – This is another popular jobs board for graphic designers and jobs are posted for positions all around the world. – As DesignWeek is a UK based company, you’ll find more UK related graphic design positions listed here. – This graphic design jobs board is mainly UK based but often has a number of entry level graphic design jobs perfect for a Junior Graphic Designer.

And be sure to carefully read each graphic designer job description even if it doesn’t sound like you’re the perfect candidate as you could also consider an internship or volunteer work if you find the right company.

But these aren’t your only choices.

Alternative Approach to Find Entry Level Graphic Design Jobs

Rather than spend your time searching for that elusive position in the highly competitive Graphic Design space, perhaps you’d do better making your own luck.

You see a number of these websites also allow you to post your portfolio online, and prospective employers might just like the work you’re creating.

So don’t waste too much time looking for work, but rather spend more time creating art.

You can even sell your graphic design work on a website like and that way you can continue to do more of what you love, graphic design.

But while you’re waiting for the commission checks to start rolling in, you could also pick-up a bit of freelance work on a website like Fiverr.

Fiverr is a popular freelance website and has many people making money from Graphic Design. Essentially they are their own boss and are building their design portfolio up over time.

Here’s a video showing how entry-level graphic designers make money on Fiverr.

So don’t wait for your luck to change in the hope you’ll find entry level graphic design jobs, but rather create your own luck and start freelancing today.

You can start making money almost immediately and it’ll also help to build a healthy design portfolio along the way.


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