How to Make Money on Fiverr Designing T-shirts

So previously we looked at Teespring and how you can design and make your own T-shirts, but did you also know you can also make money by designing T-shirts for other people?

Yes, people currently have gigs on Fiverr that produce T-shirt designs for $5. Wow! That seems like easy money doesn’t it?

I’d say yes because I’ve used these design services before and the customer provides a lot of information, almost to the point of telling you exactly what they want.

Therefore, you just need to find an image and choose a decent font and put it together. You can even use a free vector graphics tool like Gimp to give it that professional touch.

So let’s have a look at the video to see how to make money designing T-shirts…

As you can see this Fiverr gig is pretty straight forward and as I suggested, the customer probably already knows what they want anyway.

In fact, you don’t even need to come up with the slogan either.

Even if you are learning, as long as you offer unlimited revisions, how can they possibly be dissatisfied with the end result and you’ll learn more about designing and working with customers along the way.

So if you’ve got a few hidden graphic design skills then why not create a gig on Fiverr and start earning some extra money.

You might even get a few ideas of your own and consider doing another Teespring campaign.


Fiverr Top seller SecretsDesigning T-shirts on Fiverr seems like a good opportunity if you’ve got a few skills, but for the rest of us it needs a learning curve so I can’t give it too many moneybags. Plus Fiverr competition can be fierce, so the real rewards won’t happen until you’re established in that niche.

Earning Potential: 6 MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 45 mins