How to Make Money on InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel is one of those article submission websites where you earn a percentage of the ad revenue when people visit your page. However, unlike most other revenue sharing websites, this one pays a whopping 75% of ad revenue. Wow!

It’s a great return on your investment in time, especially if you know how to drive a little web traffic to the site.

And the best thing is this site is still relatively new so all the best article titles aren’t already taken yet.

Let’s take a look at the InfoBarrel video…

As you can see the interface is fairly basic and yet it does everything you need to be successful as a writer on this site.

How to Make Money on InfoBarrel

And although the bare minimum for an article is 325 words it’s much better to write longer more engaging articles as these also rank better in Google, which means more traffic to your page.

The reason I like this types of website is because you can just write one article on a niche that you are familiar with and take advantage of the current ranking of the overall website. Your alternative is to build a niche site with many articles and put all the work into ranking it.

I’ve often come across a gem of a niche but couldn’t be bothered writing numerous articles to support the website.

Of course, there’s a downside to this type of website and that it’s no longer your work when you submit it and the article can’t be used anywhere else as this is against the terms and conditions. But this is a very small downside.

Being able to link back to your website is a plus, and using your own Amazon Affiliate links ensures your InfoBarrel earnings aren’t diluted.

I also like the idea of running contests each month to kept the community happy and banging out regular content. They even have a lively forum where all your questions can be posted and discussed by the whole InfoBarrel community.

And finally the referral program isn’t bad if you can entice a number of active writers to the site.

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I give this InfoBarrel Review a thumbs up and can see the potential for passive income once you can find some unique niches to explore. The ad revenue is very respectable and there have been a number of people reporting 4-figure monthly payouts so it’s getting close to being something you can earn a living from.

So join up and take a look around and try submitting an article of your own –

Potential Earnings: 7-MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 1+ hr

15 minute time blocks