How to Make Money on Youtube

Youtube is by far the easiest way to earn extra money online because it’s free to get started and you just need a good idea and a phone to publish your first piece of content online.

Of course, it helps if you already have friends that think the crazy shit you do is funny.

Yes, funny is watchable and is most likely to get you a few extra shares. But there are heaps of other ways to make money on youtube.

Perhaps you want to teach people, like I do in my channel, or just like documenting your life and sharing it with the world.

People are interested in people and what they do and how it relates to themselves. Have you ever watched one of these video’s and thought to yourself ‘Hey I’m not actually that bad, compared to them’?

Anyway let’s roll the video so you can see how people make money on youtube

So are all these channels all overnight successes?

Certainly not and despite what you may think, they work hard building great content for their peeps.

Sure the really popular channels probably don’t need to work as hard because their income stream allows for hired help to grow their channel, but they all started in the same way.

One video

No Subscribers

And a whole lot of self-doubt

Sound familiar?

So what are you waiting for? You just need a phone and an idea to get started.


phone idea equals youtube

If you’re stuck for ideas then just watch a few youtube channels and find the idea that is just right for you. And don’t just copy someone else because all you’ll hear is ‘such and such already did this’. So be original.



#1 – Setup a Youtube Channel

Setting up a Youtube channel is easy and you’ll want to setup a gmail account if you don’t already have one. I’d also suggest setting up a Google+ account as another way to promote your content. You can easily share content to Google+ when you publish a video.

Once you’ve set up these accounts then go ahead and setup a youtube channel and add some nice cover art for it.

#2 – Make a video

There are plenty of ways to make videos, but the simplest is to use your smartphone camera. Maybe you just want to do walk-throughs using your computer, so grab some Screencast Software for free and start recording.

You might need to edit your video to give it a more professional finish, but there is plenty of free video editing software available, so you have no excuses.

#3 – Upload and Optimize

Once your video is ready, just navigate to your youtube channel and click the upload button and get it online.

While it’s uploading take some time to complete the title and description and don’t forget to fill it with keywords that people would use to find your content. Ask yourself what would you type to find your video.

And don’t forget to add some tags that closely relate to your video. Youtube will suggest a few based on your description.

#4 – Publish

Before you publish you might like to make it unlisted so you ask a few people check it out for you. Then again, you’re starting out so who’s going to find it on the first day anyway.

Just Publish your video.

#5 – Share with Friends

When you’re just starting out you need as many subscribers, likes, and comments as you can get, because Youtube sees this as a signal to indicate you are popular.

Don’t be afraid to call in a few favors with friends.

Don’t forget to publish your links on other Social Media Channels you might already use.

Finally, comment on other youtube videos and your channel name will pop up there to.


Once you’ve published a few videos and have started to grow an audience, you’ll want to think about monetizing your channel. I’ll show you how to do that when we cover Adsense in a later video.

Until then just get started.

What’s the worst that could happen?

No one watches them is the worst thing that could happen, but that’s really unlikely if you’ve put a bit of time and thought into what you are publishing.

Youtube is certainly a long game unless you’ve already got some viral content already sitting on your phone. But the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll reach the finish.

Stop reading this and go and create your own Youtube Channel. GO MAKE SOME MONEY!


Youtube is a solid way to earn extra money online. However you first have to build a solid channel. Get started today!

Earning Potential: 10 MONEY BAGS

10 Money Bags Rating

Time Required: 60+ mins

15 minute time blocks