How to Make Money Writing on the Internet

How to Make Money Writing on the InternetSo you love to write or writing is your passion, but do you know How to Make Money Writing on the Internet?

Sure you’ve read about how you can make money writing a book and making it on a ‘Best Seller’ list but the chances you’ll make that list were very slim until now.

Today the Internet has changed everything and you’re opportunities to succeed as a writer have never been better.

In fact, you now have many choices as a writer and even having a published book is within your reach. No longer are you held back by the gate-keepers.

The only person that can hold you back is YOU!

How to Make Money Writing on the Internet

So let’s take a look at how to make money writing on the Internet and even if you’re just beginning as a writer this path could eventually lead to you publishing your own book.

#1 Content Writing Jobs

If you are new to writing, then there is no better place to start than with Content Writing Jobs. You see as a new writer you need to grow and the best way writers can craft their skill is through writing, and plenty of it.

In the past writers would write and discard, write and discard, write and discard until one day they thought their writing was good enough to push in front of a publisher.

But today, people will actually pay you to write content for them which is like paying you while you learn to write.

So if you need to cut your teeth and write words, then consider getting paid a little extra money on the side while you hone your writing skills.

Yes, you can get paid for content writing.

Here are a few content writing jobs available on the Internet:-

iWriter – Entry Level content writing jobs, starting at 300 words. This site also has a progression path to higher paying jobs.

Blog Mutt – Medium level content writing jobs.

Article Bunny – Higher paying content writing jobs, where you can set your own rate.

Now don’t expect a great rate of pay, but instead enjoy the process of writing and learn to write better content. And when you’re ready to move into the next phase of your writing career, read on.

#2 Get Paid to Write Articles

When you’ve had enough of the grind and can write awesome blog articles in your sleep you’re ready for the next opportunity to make money as a writer. Yes, you can get Paid to Write Articles for popular blogs.

Next, you’ll want to get Paid to Write Articles for popular blogs.

Now this is where all that hard grind really pays off because now you already know how to write the articles that blog owners are looking for.

Here are a few websites that will pay you good money to write articles :-

Cracked – If you like writing funny articles then try writing for and you get paid $100 and a bonus if it goes viral.

The Penny Hoarder – Perhaps you like writing about money and how to save it, and also

Listverse – Write top 10 lists and get paid to write, wow!

Now the rate you get paid per article varies greatly and heavily depends on the quality of your work, but getting $100 for a 1000 word article is average for these types of writing gigs.

Plus, not only do you get paid to write articles you’ll sometimes even get credit for the work, which only strengthens your writing profile.

But if your articles aren’t accepted, don’t throw them away, as there is a still an opportunity to make money from your effort.

#3 Get Paid to Blog

Yes, bloggers get paid to blog. However, it’s not direct pay but rather they get returns on their investment over time and as their blog grows.

A growing blog attracts traffic and traffic can be converted into money through a number of different methods.

And those articles that failed to make you money on those popular blogs can now be used to generate money on your own blog instead.

So as a writer you should always have one or two blogs, bubbling in the background as a place to publish the work that gets rejected.

No longer do you need to listen to the gate-keepers, who suggest your work isn’t good enough.

The Internet is prepared to give you a second chance when others won’t and now you can let the people decide if your work is good enough.

Here’s a guide on How to Make Money from Blogging.

#4 Self Publish an eBook

Finally, with hard work and plenty of writing practice you might want to take a swing at writing your own book.

But rather than spending time writing your 300-page masterpiece, first consider cutting your teeth on eBooks.

eBooks or Kindle books are easier to write and in conjunction with your blog can also be easier to sell. People are more likely to pay $5-$10 to help solve a problem even though they’ve never heard of you.

And since you wanted to learn How to Make Money Writing on the Internet, you should definitely, try your hand at writing ebooks before you cut your teeth on the larger work.

Self-publishing an eBook will also teach you about book packaging which is also a necessary skill to learn before moving onto the coup de grâce of publishing your own book.

#5 Self-Publish Your Own Book

As a writer, your ultimate goal is to get published and appear on as many bookshelves around the world as you can isn’t it?

Doesn’t being published mean you’ve made it as a writer?

Well in the past this might have been true, but selling books is now no longer in the hands of the few remaining book publishers, but rather it’s in your hands.

The Internet has now made it possible to write and publish your own books. Yes, real books.

You can use a company like Create Space to self-publish your own book and use Amazon to distribute them.

And that blog you’ve been bubbling in the background is a great place to find the sorts of readers who like what you write. So make sure you connect with them when you’re ready to make some money selling your book.

Here is a little more inspiration on writing and self-publishing your own book.


So are you on this path?

Can you see once you’ve learned How to Make Money Writing on the Internet you no longer need to be that struggling writer, taking low-paying jobs to help pay the bills?

Instead, you can make money while you write and even as a beginner writer, if you follow this path, you can ultimately end up publishing a book that has your name on it. Wow!

So what are you waiting for?

Go and write something!