How to Use Mechanical Turk to Make Money Online

In this Mechanical Turk review, I look at Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and how you can make money from completing small tasks in your spare time. What spare time you say?

Well, the last time I looked there were still 24 hours in the day, and most people only sleep between 6-8 hours of it. Therefore depending on your needs you might have 16-18 waking hours each day. Perhaps you’ve got a steady job and even with the commute, it only takes up 10-12 hours of your day.

So you are left with approx. 6 hours of ‘me’ time each day, but most people sadly waste it in front of the TV, computer or on social media and then claim there is no free time left in their day. Therefore, you could quite easily free up an hour a day by giving up something that doesn’t contribute to your future wealth and wellbeing. The choice is yours, but before you make that choice maybe we need to learn more about Amazon’s Mechancal Turk.

What is Mechanical Turk?

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a crowdsourcing Internet Marketplace that enables people and businesses to co-ordinate the use of human intelligence to perform small tasks that computers couldn’t efficiently complete. Let’s face it, us humans, have idle brain power to burn.

Let’s take a look inside the Mechanical Turk…

How to Use Mechanical Turk to Make Money Online

As a Mechanical Turk worker, you’ll be completing HIT’s or Human Intelligence Tasks. These HIT’s are tasks that people need completing and can’t easily be completed by a computer without expensive programming.

So if you want to start working on Mechanical Turk you’ll need to first register with Amazon but you can use an existing Amazon account if you already have one. The review process might take a couple of days but in the meantime you can have a good look around.

Next you’ll search through the available HIT’s to find some tasks to complete. There’s a wide variety of tasks so keep looking to find something that suits you.

You’ll then need to decide if the task is worth your time as the tasks are typically on the low side if you try to equate them to dollar per hours. But hey you might just need the extra money so go ahead and choose something you like. On the plus side, you can work from home and in your pj’s if you’ve always dreamed of this.

Once you found a task then hit the ‘Accept HIT’ button at the bottom of the task so no-one else is allowed to complete the task. Of course, you’ll need to complete it or it will be reassigned to someone else.

Now Mechanical Turk pricing is variable and so too are the rewards but some tasks offer small bonuses if the work is completed in a timely manner or you persist with the tasks, so feel free to shop around, although don’t waste too much time searching as time is money.

So go and get your Mechanical Turk account verified and starting earning money today.


You probably aren’t going to earn a great hourly rate on this website, but there is plenty of work to go around if you want to get stuck in. Personally, I like a bit of a challenge rather than repetitive clicking on ads to earn pennies in the dollar but we all have our earnings per hour price point. I’d give Amazon’s Mechanical Turk a try just based on the variety of work available.

Earning Potential: 3-MONEYBAGS

3 moneybags rating

Time Required: 30+mins

15 minute time block