How to Write Content for a Website or Blog

How to Write Content for a WebsiteToday we talk about how to write content for a website or blog.

So you have a blog, now what?

Well, it’s time to start adding content to it, so you can take advantage of the traffic that comes your way.

But you have choices.

Although a blogger usually writes content for her website this doesn’t always have to be the case.

You see, you can leverage some of the ways to make money as a writer, and instead of making money as a writer you can actually pay people to write for you. There are plenty of Content Writing Services on the web but we’ll go into more detail later.

But why spend money when you’re trying to make money?

Well, perhaps you don’t have the time needed to write regular blog posts or maybe you just aren’t comfortable writing yet.

Or perhaps you have lots of blog ideas and want to start a blogging empire in the shortest possible time.

Either way, once you’ve decided if you’ll be the writer or will out source the writing, the type of content you publish needs to be the content that people are looking for.

How to Write Content for a Website or Blog

Writing content for a website is easy if you’re a natural writer, but for the rest of us, it’s a skill that will be developed over time.

Professional bloggers use keyword research to understand the terms and phrases people are searching for and then write blog posts specifically around those keywords.

And as a new blogger, you’ll also want to take on this professional blogger attitude.

You see, the web is a competitive place and with millions of websites already out there, your job is to rise above the pack. And you can easily do this with good keyword research.

Here’s a Case Study you can follow describing how Keyword Research works.

How to do Keyword Research and Get More Traffic to Your Blog.

So rather than just writing content for the web, start with the content people are actually looking for.

This makes getting ranked in Google much easier and when people visit your blog, you’ll know exactly how to answer their questions.

Additionally, keyword research also makes finding affiliated products much easier as often when people are looking for an answer to a problem they are also looking for a solution.

Content Writing Services

Content Writing ServicesOf course, you don’t need to learn how to write content for a website or blog as you can easily outsource this task.

So if you want to scale your blog rapidly from day one, you’ll want to consider finding good writers who can write for you.

I’ve already covered a number of places that writers use to make money writing, but the best content writing services for a blogger has to be iWriter.

The number one reason why I like iWriter is because it’s has a low entry point and yet, you have access to a number of different levels of skilled writers.

But just remember you get what you pay for, so although $3 for a 400-word blog post sounds enticing, you might have to spend a little time editing the content to make it just right for your blog.

Another content writing service to consider is Fiverr. There are a number content writing services on Fiverr and for $5 you can get a professionally written 400-word blog post, and often they also do the research for you.

You just need to give them the keywords you want featured in the content and they’ll do the rest.

Content Writing – A Different Approach

Another strategy you can take with your blog is to first write content for another blog, and try submitting it in the hope that you’ll make some money.

Here’s an example of a company that’ll pay you $100 for Top 10 Lists that get published. Check out the full Listverse Review to see how you can make money writing for other blogs.

And if your article isn’t accepted then you simply publish it on your own blog instead, which creates content for your blog.

That way you give yourself every opportunity to make money as a writer, and if this fails then you still have a great opportunity to make money as a publisher.

That’s why I believe every content writer should always have their own blog to publish work that never gets published elsewhere.

Never waste the words you’ve written. Never.

Just remember to write content with a consistent voice and answer the questions that got people there in the first place. You can tell a story, but always remember to finish with a conclusion.

If you need more information on How to Write Content for a Website or Blog then here’s a great guide you’ll want to read:-

How to Start Writing Blog Content to Attract Readers

And remember the key to being a successful content writer is to keep writing and publishing to your blog, and you’ll get better over time.

I promise.