iWriter Review – Write Articles for Money

In this iWriter Review, we’ll look at how you can write articles for money. Yes, people will actually pay you to do the writing for them.

The best thing about working with iWriter is they find the writing assignments for you, and you just need to decide which writing jobs you like.

And with over 100 thousand jobs posted in the last 30 days, there’s never a shortage of work on iWriter.

iWriter Review

What is iWriter?

iWriter ReviewiWriter is a content and article repository that freelancers use to find work and publishers use to find content.

With access to writers across the world, website owners can have articles written within hours and this means you can write articles for money too.

How Does iWriter Work?

First you SIGN-UP with iWriter so you can get access to the main admin area and once you’re in you’ll find hundreds of writing assignments to choose from.

Your assignments will vary from 150-1000 words and you get paid per article length. You can also earn more money per article when you move up the skill ranks.

Let’s take a look at the iWriter review video…


Write Articles for Money with iWriter

After signing up to iWriter, you’ll find yourself in the admin interface.

Navigate over to ‘Write Content’ and you’ll be able to see the articles you can start writing. At first, you’ll only have access to the Standard Assignments but if you want to write articles for money, you’ll need to start at this level.

However, you can fast track moving up the skill ranks with a one-time payment and interview/test.  If you are already a professional writer I suggest paying this fee as you’ll be earning 3-4 times as much money and writing the same amount of words.

But if you aren’t confident with your skills then use the lower ranked articles as a way of training yourself to become an Elite iWriter.

grammarlyAfter selecting your first assignment, you’ll be directed to a short 15 question grammar test and you’ll need to get 13/15 questions correct before you’re allowed to continue onto writing articles for money.

If English isn’t your first language and you’re having trouble with the test then make sure you install a grammar checking tool like Grammarly.

It’s a free grammar checker and might help you to pass the grammar test.

How to Write a Good Article

Even the shortest articles have a start, middle and end so always keep this in mind when writing your articles.

Your job as a writer is to propose a question and then find a solution, even if you just have 150 words to work with. People are looking for answers to their questions and content writers need to provide those answers.

Here’s some more information on the essentials of writing a great article –

How to Start Writing Blog Content to Attract Readers

Now to help you, each assignment will have notes describing what the client is looking for and some keywords they are trying to target. Make sure you include these keywords in your article, at least, a few times to boost SEO rankings.

And when you get 30 happy customers you’ll be able to move to the next rank and earn 2x the money whilst writing a similar sized article.

Tip: Move quickly through the ranks, by taking on short 150-word articles rather than 1000 word articles, because it’ll be quicker to pump out 30 short high-quality articles rather than slaving over the long ones.

If you’re already a blogger, writing articles for money could be a way to earn some fast money while your blog is still taking off.

And if you’re struggling for content you can always use iWriter as a top up article writing service for your blog. iWriter really is the complete package.

iWriter Affiliate Program

Yes, there is an iWriter Affiliate Program and to join you need to apply directly to iWriter, with a little information about why you would be a good partner for iWriter.

They split profits with you, so it’s worth becoming an affiliate.

Here is my affiliate link if you want to join iWriter – https://www.iwriter.com/affiliate/451849


iWriter is really a great way to write articles for money and earn extra cash. And although the entry level rank doesn’t pay a great deal of money for your words, the higher Elite and Elite Plus levels are certainly worth your time.

Once you’ve reached these higher skill levels, $100 per day becomes really achievable. Cha-Ching!

Potential Earnings:  9-MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 1 hour

15 minute time blocks

Thanks for taking the time to read this iWriter Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.