Liveops Review – Work from Home Call Centre

LiveOps ReviewIn this LiveOps Review, we look at how you can setup your own work from home Call Centre.

That’s right, you can work from home in between looking after the kids or even as a second job.

Working as a Liveops agent, you can avoid the daily commute or hassles of peak hour traffic, and work from home instead.

Sounds interesting?

Then let’s take a look at LiveOps.

LiveOps Review

What is LiveOps?

LiveOps provides cloud-based contact call centres to hundreds of business. And by utilising a casual workforce around the world, they ensure customers can have their questions answered 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

To facilitate these calls, LiveOps customers call casual call centre staff that actually work from home. They call these staff, LiveOps Agents.

Let’s learn a little more how LiveOps works.

How Does LiveOps Work?

Having a contact centre is an important part of a traditional business, but unfortunately, the cost sometimes prohibits the setup of a dedicated call centre. So a business may look online to find a cloud-based contact centre solution.

And this is the service that LiveOps provides.

Using Liveops agents, LiveOps can mobilise a lot of staff very quickly and provide complete customer contact solutions, or simply provide extra staff when there are unexpected volumes that can’t be handled by the normal staff.

So by signing up to Liveops as a LiveOps Agent, you could be expected to take all sorts of calls from home. Totally legit calls that is.

Let’s take a look at the LiveOps review video…


How to Work at Home as a LiveOps Agent

First you need to ensure you meet the basic LiveOps requirements

LiveOps System Requirements for a Work from Home Call Centre

  • A quite place to work
  • A corded telephone
  • A dedicated landline
  • A corded headset
  • A computer connected to the Internet

Next, you’ll work you way through the application process.

#1 – Select an Opportunity

Since Live Ops has a very large customer base, they can offer a variety of opportunities for you to select from.

For instance, you can choose from:-

  • Outbound calls
  • Provide roadside assistance
  • Life Insurance Sales
  • Insurance Claims
  • Inbound Sales

And much more.

#2 – Begin Your Online Application

After you’ve selected an appropriate opportunity, you then complete an online application like you would for any work from home job.

#3 – Complete a Questionaire or Assessment

Next comes a questionnaire, but don’t worry you’ve got plenty of time to think through your answers.

Take your time because you want to appeal to the LiveOps review panel.

#4 – Complete a Voice Audition

Next you’ll complete a simple voice audition because LiveOps want to make sure the customers can understand you. In this stage of the application process, you’ll want to slow your speaking and use correct pronunciation. Don’t use slang.

#5 – Wait for an Invitation

Now you just need to wait until your application is processed. If you are successful in applying for a LiveOps agent role, you’ll be offered a contract.

#6 – Complete Paper Work and Sign a Contract

Then all you need to do is complete the final paperwork and sign the contract.

#7 – Complete a Background Check

Just standard employment paperwork.

#8 – Complete Onboarding Certification

This is your training to ensure you understand how to take consistent Live Ops calls.

#9 – Start Taking Calls as a LiveOps Independent Agent

Congratulations! You now officially have a work from home call centre and can start taking calls immediately.

How much do LiveOps agents make?

Although you can schedule your work with as little as 30-minute work blocks, you’ll get paid by the hour.

The pay is around $10/hr for a base wage, but you could make more money with commissions and sales incentives. But it all depends on the opportunity you decide to pursue.

Payment is twice monthly, either via direct deposit or check.

LiveOps Referral Program

At the time of publishing, there wasn’t a Live Ops Referral Program.


LiveOps is a legitimate work from home opportunity, that pays a decent wage. And with scheduling from as little as 30-minutes, it’s a perfect job for a stay at home mom or dad, looking to earn extra money.

Who needs to leave home and waste time during a commute, when you can work from home.

So if you are looking for legit work at home jobs then definitely give LiveOps a try.

Potential Earnings: 7-MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 2.5+ Hours


Thanks for taking the time to read this Live Ops Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.