Make Extra Money from home selling on eBay

Ok, this is not a new idea, but millions of people sell stuff on eBay every year, so there must be an opportunity to make a little extra money, right?

Go ahead ask yourself “What can I sell to make money”, and you might be surprised at all the unwanted ‘things’ you have sitting around the home that could earn you a few extra dollars.

Ebay started off as a place for people to buy and sell collectables and has turned into a massive online marketplace of new and second-hand products.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make some extra money, then give eBay another go.

What to sell on Ebay to make money

The great thing about eBay is the variety of items you can sell to make extra money from home selling on eBay. Let’s face it, eBay is a massive marketplace and this is what makes it so successful.

When you have a lot of buyers in the same marketplace, the odds fall in favour to the sellers and that’s you.

Selling Secondhand

However, you still want to choose the right times to sell different items. Don’t sell your old ski’s at the end of winter, hold onto them and sell them next year before the ski season starts.

Similarly, people don’t want heavy coats or jackets in the middle of summer, so maximise your chances of a decent profit by selling in line with the seasons and current demand.

When listing the items, make sure you spend some time taking a decent photo, as the image is what’s really going to sell the item.

Best things to sell on eBay include:- clothes, toys, sports equipment and collectables

Buying and Selling New

With the markets to china fully opened up, it’s easy to source a product from China on a popular website like AliExpress and then resell it for a small profit back in your home country.

Alternatively you can buy goods locally from clearance centres and try to resell them over time using eBay auctions. Although you’ll want to know what your buying and whether you can make a profit, because after all they’re in the clearance centre for a reason.

Buying and Reselling

Another option you have is to combine the two methods and buy secondhand goods and collectables and then resell on eBay. You can either source the goods from eBay and try to snipe the auction by buying at the last second or go around to the local garage sales in your area and find items to sell that way.

Another great place to buy secondhand is at opportunity shops or goodwill stores as you’ll often find some bargains there.

However, if you want to get into buying and reselling then you need to know the prices things sell for before you buy them so you’ll always be making a profit.

Lego is a classic toy and often you can buy Lego in bulk and resell the Lego in smaller lots for small profits. Even more so if you take out the really collectables parts like mini-figs and sell them separately.


You can certainly make extra money from home selling on eBay if you take the time to study what’s popular and should be sold right away and what’s less popular and worth hanging onto. Don’t try for big profits but rather try for a larger turnover with small profits as you’ll likely be more successful. Plenty of people are earning a living on eBay, so there is no reason why you can’t take a slice of the action.

Earning Potential: 8-MONEYBAGS

8 Money Bags Rating

Time Required: 30 mins

15 minute time block