Make Money Online Selling Stock Photos on Foap

When was the last time you swiped through your collection of photos?

Did you realise you could be sitting on a gold mine if you have some interesting photos in your collection?

Well, Foap is here to help you convert your photos into cash. Yes, you can earn money online by uploading your stock photos onto and then sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in.

Ok, maybe it won’t roll in, but once you’ve uploaded your photos and added your tags, Foap will take care of the rest.

Let’s take a look around Foap…

So as you can see, you are getting a healthy $5 payout each time someone purchases your stock photos, plus they have the potential to be sold many times over if they really that good.

If photography is a passion of yours then definitely give Foap a try and maybe you can sell stock photos to earn extra cash.

Making the Most of Foap

#1 How Many Stock Photos to Upload

Let’s face it, you should upload as many photos as you have that are well composed and are remarkable. It doesn’t cost you anything to have the photos listed on the website so go ahead and upload like crazy.

#2 What Should you Upload

This is where is gets interesting because how do you know what people are looking for? If you have people in your shot, they make sure they are smiling because smiles sell stock photos. Generally though you want the photo to tell a story. If the photo is too busy and has no focus then don’t expect it to get selected.

Upload the highest resolution you have as people can crop them and still get a decent resolution for the web. Build up a portfolio with similar themes as buyers often want a series they can use for a particular article.

Remember your photos are linked to your profile, so don’t upload crap as it might deter people from exploring your collection further.

#3 Getting Discovered

To be honest, your chances of being discovered are remote if you don’t put in the work needed to be found. Yes, you have to imagine the sorts of words people would use to find your photo and add them as tags.

Tagging is where your money will be made so make sure you spend some time doing the work, creating descriptive tags.

You can add up to 100 tags so get creative and add as many as are relevant.

#4 Participate in the Community

To maximise your chances of being discovered, you should participate in the community. An active community member stands out and you might be lucky to get more referrals as the authority in that niche.

You might also learn a few things from the other participants.

#5 Join Missions

A sure way to get paid is to take the stock photos that people are actually searching for. Companies may post missions for photo assignments that meet strict guidelines. These opportunities allow you to be creative and really explore your photography passion.


In the grand scheme of things Foap is a newcomer to this market space although they continue to grow. Missions are probably your best chance of earning a regular income but don’t discount the single stock photos either.

Compared to the other stock photography companies online Foap still has work to do, but it’s not going to hurt to add your photo’s on multiple websites.

Earning Potential: 4-MONEYBAGS



Time Required: 15+ mins