Make Money Online while watching Youtube Videos

Did you know you can make money online watching Youtube Videos? It seems like a pretty cruisey way to earn a little extra cash doesn’t it? Well people will actually pay you to watch their Youtube videos, comment and subscribe to their channel. Why?

Earlier in this series I showed you how people are making good money by creating a Youtube channel, but I didn’t tell you how tough it is to get started.

The reality is it’s very tough to get started because Youtube isn’t going to send you any love until you’ve got a small following. And you can’t get a small following until you get a little love.

It’s the classic catch 22.

But to help with the growing pains of a Youtube Channel people are prepared to pay to get a channel started, and that’s where you come in.

Let’s take a look at the video…

So you see how easy it is to set up a gig on Fiverr to watch a few videos. And you might actually learn a thing or too along the way, so it’s all plus, plus, plus for you, isn’t it?

This Fiver Gig is a really easy way to make some extra cash so do a good job and you might get some repeat business.

You’ll want to start a 5, 10 or 15 Youtube view gig. Those ones you see that offer higher views are a bit spammy IMHO. And as a gig extra you could offer to deliver the views over a week, so again they don’t look spammy to Youtube.

Just get creative with your Fiverr Gig extras and you might make a little extra money along the way.

If you want to make money online while watching Youtube videos then you can’t go past this opportunity.

What Makes a Good Youtube Watcher?

#1 – Watch The Videos

It’s easy to think you can just start the video and walk away or get distracted by something else but, you should at least pay a little attention to what’s going on as it’ll help you in the next section.

Youtube knows when you stop a video so make sure you watch it until the end to register a engaged view.

#2 – Make a Relevant Comment

Assuming you actually watched some or all the video you should be able to write a reasonable comment for the channel owner. They are looking for constructive criticism and/or things they did well.

A comment like ‘Good Job’ isn’t going to cut it. try to write 20+ words if you can.

#3 – Subscribe

One of the metrics Youtube uses to signal a good channel is how many subscribers they get. It won’t hurt you to subscribe and stay subscribed to a Youtube channel. You might need to create a new Gmail account specifically for Fiverr Gigs. But stay subscribed.

#4 – Give them a Thumbs Up

Regardless if you liked the video or not, it doesn’t cost you anything to give it a thumbs up. This is also a metric that Youtube uses to rank Youtube videos so be generous.


Fiverr Top seller SecretsThis Fiverr gig has a lot of potential and really shouldn’t take you too much time to complete. Just find a unique point of difference and look after your clients. Maybe even give them a little extra value when you can, to put a smile on their dial.

Earning Potential: 6-MONYBAGS


Time Required: 30 mins+

15 minute time block