Make Money while Saving the Environment

Well saving the environment might be a little bit of a stretch but you can certainly make money contributing to the environmental cause by writing for the Earth Island Journal.

The Earth Island Journal is published quarterly by the widely known Californian based Earth Island Institute and aims to bring light to the important environmental issues we’re faced with today. The journal is a combination of investigative journalism and thought proking essays which have won numerous awards over the years.

So did you know you can write for this publication and make money, writing about the environmental causes you are passionate about?

Let’s take a look at this Earth Island Journal review video…

So as you can see there is money to be made writing for the Earth Island Journal. So how do you get started?

Make Money Writing for the Earth Island Journal

Make Money Writing

Firstly you’ll want to take a good look around the website to see what types of stories are being published.

Next, spend some time reading the online reports, because this is the best place to get your foot in the door. And the reports still pay between $50-$100 dollars so you aren’t wasting your time.

Then find a newsworthy environmental issue you can report on and go and get your story. But before you write it up, pitch it to the Earth Island Journal to see if it’s the sort of story they’ll be interested in. If they give you a green light then go ahead and write that report and submit it directly to them via their email.

Once you get in front of the editors you can start to think about earning real money in the form of a big story or essay. The money is certainly worth your efforts, as you could earn about 25 cents per word, which means a $750-$1000 pay day. Cha-Ching!

But, remember to pitch your ideas first, to ensure you get a green light before spending  time on such an in-depth story.

Check out their writer’s guidelines for more detailed submission information.

So if you’re into the environmental cause scene and need to make money to fund your pursuit of finding a way to lessen humanities impact on this earth then try your hand at writing for the Earth Island Journal. And get paid to write about your passion.


As far as writing gigs go, this is one you can’t pass by. Even if you spend a week researching and writing a story, the $750-$1000 pay day would be well worth your efforts. And like with all writing assignments, if this Journal fails to take the story then you can try pitching it somewhere else. Or better still, start your own blog, make money and cut out the middle man.

Earning Potential: 7 MoneyBags


Time Required: 2.5+ hrs