Review – Make Money from Viral Videos

In this review, I take a look at one of the top video distribution companies currently online and how they can make you money from viral videos.

Ok, there’s no formula’s to making a viral video, but if your friends think your video is funny then you just need to get it in front as many eyeballs as you can. This is how funny videos go viral.

And luckily for us, already have the distribution channels in place to help your video get the exposure it deserves.

So rather than let your best videos sit there in YouTube with only a handful of views, why not share them with and let Rumble turn them into gold.

Let’s learn a little more about Review

What is is a video distribution company and their main aim is to help you distribute viral videos.  And they do this by connecting video creators to all points of the Internet while only needing just one video sharing platform.

That’s right you can get YouTube exposure, without ever needing a YouTube account. (Which is perfect if you’ve already been banned.)

And also has connections to the biggest media companies online like MSN, Yahoo!, MTV, Discovery Channel and the list goes on.

And it’s these external media companies that help’s you to get your videos the exposure they deserve.

So how does work?

How Does Work?

  1. Join RumbleFirst you setup an account with
  2. Next, you upload one of your funniest videos. (people and pets work great)
  3. You then add a title, description and tags just like you would for YouTube
  4. Then you choose how it will be distributed. You can choose to list your video just on YouTube or throughout the entire video distribution network.
  5. Then sit back, relax and start working on more Rumble Videos

You get paid 90% of the revenue that’s earned on YouTube and it’s a 60/40 split for the rest of the network.

And considering that joining a regular YouTube Network will cost you 20-30% in YouTube revenue it makes sense to sign with Rumble instead.

Benefits of

  • Joining a YouTube Network Partner gives you access to a Content ID, which protects your video from copyright fraud.
  • has lower fees than regular YouTube Networks
  • You can still own your YouTube Channel
  • You only upload the videos you want to share
  • There are no ongoing contracts

Let’s take a look at the review video…

How to Make Money with

Types of Rumble Videos

So you’ve learned a little about but now let’s get into more detail on how to make money with

Earlier I mentioned about the types of videos you’ll want to upload. People and pets are always strong candidates for making viral videos, and the more unpredictable the better.

It’s the reason why cat videos are so interesting.  Who can really predict what a cat’s going to do, and make sure you have your video running just in case it’s funny.

And the same goes for people, especially when there trying something new. It often goes hilariously wrong, doesn’t it?

We’ve all got one or two viral videos in us, so make sure you start taking more video footage so you never miss an opportunity.

And although staging a prank or funny video may work, people tend to have their BS detectors turned fully up, so they’ll spot a fake from a mile away.

Making Money on

Basically, after uploading a video you’ll get to choose the type of Licensing Option for your video. This is your agreement with and it’s really flexible.

However, the best option to maximize your earning is by choosing the ‘Video Management Option’ which gets you the most exposure.

Rumble Licensing

And don’t worry about the 60/40 split because when you’re making money off a 100K+ view video compared to the 100-200 view videos you have now, it’ll make total sense. And besides have costs associated with getting your video exposed to all corners of the globe.

Plus you’ll still get a 90% share of the YouTube views anyway, so all the rest is just plus, plus, plus.

So don’t sweat the small stuff and concentrate on making more videos.

Are you ready to JOIN the Rumble?

Oh, and one more thing, because you’ve got copyright protection, you can actually earn revenue from other channels that try to steal your work. Usually, they’d prefer this option than get a copyright strike. Referral Program

Yes, there is a referral program which pays you a percentage of the earning from people you recommend to So even if you don’t create viral videos, getting your friends to upload theirs could mean a little extra cash in your pocket.
The referral rate is 10% of earnings from people you’ve referred and best of all that money doesn’t come from your friends but rather itself.

If you want to join and start uploading viral videos then here’s my referral link –

And thanks, I appreciate the support.


Given already has an established YouTube Channel and Network Distribution model it’s the quickest way to get views for your video if you already know it’s good.

And with a 10% fee from YouTube earnings it makes one of the cheapest YouTube Network Partners you’ll find.

The rest of the distribution channels is just plus, plus, plus.

Potential Earnings: 8-MONEYBAGS

8 Money Bags Rating

Time Required: 2.5hrs +


Thanks for taking the time to read this Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.