SliceThePie Review – Write Reviews for Money

In this SliceThePie Review, we look at how you can write reviews for money, and how you can get a slice of the pie for yourself.

Music reviews are just another way you can help make extra cash, and if you love music you are probably already doing this for free anyway. So why not grab a piece of the pie for yourself.

SliceThePie Review

What is SliceThePie?

SliceThePie ReviewSliceThePie is a music review website that promotes upcoming artists and connects their music to new fans. In return, the fans get paid to listen to music.

Yes, you get paid for your opinions.

But now SliceThePie is also paying you to write reviews for fashion items, accessories, and even commercials before they are released.

Your reviews go directly to the artists, or fashion designers to give them instant feedback on their work, so you are helping to ensure a better final product is released into the world.

How Does SliceThePieWork?

Once you register with Slice the Pie you’ll be asked to setup which category you’d like to review and if you choose music then you can just hit the play button and start listening to music.

After 90 seconds of listening to the track you can then rate the music from 1-10 and then write a solid review.

And then you get paid.

Let’s take a look at the SliceThePie review video…


How to Make Money on SliceThePie

Join slice the pieIf you want to write reviews for money then SliceThePie makes it super easy for you. And unlike Music Xray, there are no genres to select with means you’ll always have music to listen to.

Another plus is you’ll get exposure to music styles you never new existed.

So lets see how to make money with Slice The Pie.

  1. First, you’ll want to JOIN SliceThePie.
  2. Next, select the category you want to review. Choose from Music, Fashion, Mobile Ads or even a Lucky Dip
  3. If you select ‘music’ you can start listening to music immediately. Just hit play.
  4. After 90 seconds of listening, you can then go ahead and write the review and rate the song.
  5.  Then you get paid.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, you just need to write a decent review, and the better quality reviews you write the more you’ll be paid.

How to Write a Music Review

Be creative – Be yourself when writing the review and use natural language.

Less is more – Try to keep the review to 50-75 good words

Be descriptive – Refer to specific pieces in the song that you liked or disliked. Even quote the time it happens as this helps the artist to pinpoint the riff or lyric that needs work.

Compare and share – If you have another song in mind that gets your point across, then use it as a reference.

Spelling and Grammar – Nobody wants to read broken English of poor grammar. If you need help in this area then get the free Grammarly App.

Don’t forget to make a point – You’re writing a review so make sure you eventually get to the point.

Is SliceThePie Legit?

Sure it is. Although you might get the volume of music you’d like. But it is totally Legit. Payment Proof coming soon.

How Much Can You Earn on SliceThePie?

When starting out, you’ll make about $0.04 per song review, but this number goes up as you do more reviews and your review rating increases. SliceThePie suggests giving a good review can make your earnings go up.

SliceThePie Referral Program

Yes, there is a SliceThePie Referral Program where you can earn 10% from the friends you refer. Here’s my referral link if you want to join Slice The Pie –

NB: This referral commission only lasts 1 year from when your friend leaves their first review.


I much prefer SliceThePie over Music Xray as there always seems to be music I can listen to. And that’s why you visit these sites, right? And when you write reviews for money, it’s only even going make you extra cash so don’t expect to make a living from it.

But hey, making money while still in bed is a pretty easy gig, so definitely worth signing up and checking SliceThePie out.

Potential Earnings: 4 MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 30 minutes

15 minute time block

Thanks for taking the time to read this SliceThePie Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.