Start Making Money from Home by Working for Leapforce

If you’re tired of all the make money online SCAMs and under award rates then perhaps you should start making money from home working for a company like Leapforce.

In this Leapforce Review, we see Leapforce at Home is actually a serious job paying an hourly rate and you’ll be working for one of the biggest companies on the planet. Yes, you can help Google improve their search results for the great good of all humanity.

OK, maybe not all humanity but wouldn’t it be great to know that the websites you find in Google search results got there because they are worthy and not because they knew how to ‘game’ Google. Unfortunately, Google’s search algorithm isn’t perfect yet and still needs a little human intervention.

That’s where you come in.

Let’s take a look around LeapForce at Home and see what’s on offer…

So the position on offer is as a Personalized Search Engine Evaluator working to improve Google’s search engine results. However, there are some prerequisites you’ll need to meet.

  • Highly Active User of Google
  • Use Google Play weekly
  • Use Google+ monthly
  • Have more than 11 people in your circles
  • Have a Gmail account with Web history turned on

If you meet these criteria and are interested in a steady job working from home then maybe you should apply.

These Leapforce at Home Indepent Agent positions are available for a number of countries around the world and for a variety of different languages.

You’ll also need a Google Chrome Browser with high-speed internet access, excellent web research skills and possess a broad range of interests.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

So if you’re looking for a more traditional job and want to start making money from home then you should consider applying for a position like this.


This role is a great transition from a 9-5 job to a job where you can work from home and work the hours you like, but you’ll first need to jump through hoops and take an exam to qualify. For this reason, I’m going to downgrade the potential earning as clearly this role won’t be suitable for a large number of people.

Earning Potential: 6-MONEYBAGS


Time Required: 2.5+ hours


Thanks for taking the time to read this LeapForce Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.