Starting a Blog for Money – Step-by-Step Guide

Starting a Blog for MoneyIn this Step-by-Step guide, we’ll be starting a blog for money or at the very least will be on the road to making money.

Blogging isn’t something you start today and make money tomorrow, but rather it represents an opportunity to make money long into the future.

It’s a journey that can be completed as quickly or as slowly as you can manage, and the more work you put in usually translates into more money you’ll make.

That’s why you want to start a blog, right? To make money?

Great! Let’s get started…

Starting a Blog for Money

Hopefully, you’ve been following this ‘How to Make Money From Blogging’ series and have already completed the prerequisites you’ll need to get your blog up and running.

But, today you’ll just need the Domain Name you want to use.

I’ll be using a self-hosted blogging company I’ve been using for  a few years and recommend this company as a low-cost alternative to free blog hosting.

The heavily discounted rate (80% off) is just $1.99/mth and this makes it a real viable option for a new blogger who’s starting a blog for money. Plus you’ll also save money on buying your domain name, as this is included in the costs. It’s sweet deal.

The company I use to start new blogs is iPage but you can use any other self-hosting company you prefer. However, I can’t guarantee the instructions in the video exactly match up, but it’ll be close.

iPage low-cost Web Hosting

So in this video, I take you through setting up an iPage account (mine is already started) and then I’ll show you how to setup a WordPress blog.

And don’t worry, if I’m going too quickly, you can always pause the video and rewind it if you need to.

Starting a blog is pretty straight forward, but I like to make sure you feel comfortable with the process. Sometimes I forget I’ve been building websites for over 10 years and how I sometimes skip past the obvious things.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. My twitter account is probably the best place to find me – @365waysto or even in the YouTube comments for this video.

Congratulations for joining the ranks of the million plus bloggers on the Internet.

But our work isn’t done yet.

There is plenty to do including writing a few blog posts to populate your website before you choose the WordPress theme. That’s right you need to start writing and have some words to play around with before styling your website with a theme.

So go ahead and start writing a few niche topic ideas down and even try to write some blog posts if you can.

In the next guide, I’ll talk about creating content for your blog, so be sure to join me.