Why Blog when it’s easier to Click?

Why BlogSo why Blog when it’s easier to Click?

This is a common question that I’ll answer today.

You see blogging remains one of the best ways to make money online, and I’m not talking about chump change like you get on those ‘Get Paid to Click’ websites, I’m talking about real money.

Money that helps pay the bills, money that buys you cool toys or money that even replaces your job.

And no this isn’t marketing BS it’s real and hundreds of thousands of people are already making money online with their blogs or websites.

Why Blog?

Well, we blog because it’s a great way to make content for the Internet. And more content leads to more traffic and more traffic can be converted into more money.

And unlike static websites, where nothing ever changes, blogging is like creating a story that never ends.

It’s this never ending story that keeps people coming back for more.

So why blog when it’s easier to just click ads on someone else’s website?

Because you can make more money if people click on your ads.

Case Study:

Let’s say you join a ‘paid to click’ website like ClickSense and you don’t want to do surveys as you find clicking on ads much easier.

So you start clicking on ads and you watch them for 30 secs to earn $0.01

Over the course of an hour, you can make a maximum of $0.30 which for some people might be a lot of money and well worth your time.

Now in that same time, you might have been able to produce a 400-500 word blog post, in a highly competitive niche (like finance or investing) and when someone clicks on one of your ads, you’d likely make over $1 per click. Wow!

Actually, it could be a lot more.

Just take a look at the money people are prepared to pay to have their Google Ads clicked for some popular keywords and phrases for ‘Investment’.

This is why we blog
** Results not typical across all blog niches

Yep, that’s what advertisers are prepared to pay for just one-click. And as a blogger running Adsense Ads, you’ll receive a portion of this revenue.

But with blogging it gets even better. Once you’ve created the blog post, it’s on the Internet forever and you’ll continue to receive an on-going income from that one blog post as long as your blog remains online. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to real passive income.

Of course, it’s not as simple as creating one blog post and making money from it. You’ll need to create many blog posts over time to drive the traffic and eyeballs to your blog.  And competitive niches, like the one above, take a lot of time to get ranked in Google Search, but it’s all possible.

So don’t ask why blog? Instead, take the time to learn how to blog.

I’m focussing on blogging all this month and will answer some of the most common questions about blogging.

If you want to get started with your blog then read this first.

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And the sooner you start blogging the sooner you can leave the ‘Paid to Click’ world behind.