ZoomBucks Review – Get Paid to Click

In this ZoomBucks Review we take a look at another Get Paid to Click  (PTC) website that you can add to your daily PTC roundup.

And best of all ZoomBucks works worldwide so everyone has a chance at making money online.

ZoomBucks Review

What is ZoomBucks?

ZoomBucks ReviewZoomBucks is a paid to click website which allows users to earn points by doing surveys, completing offers, watching videos, playing games and even listening to the online radio.

Every transaction performed allows users to earn points and cash out for gift cards & physical rewards. With ZoomBucks, users can earn points for doing things they already do online.

How Does ZoomBucks Work?

ZoomBucks rewards you for completing tasks and participating in the community activities.

You can even earn bonus ZoomBucks by entering the contests, using the bonus bar or even spinning the prize wheel.

And once you’ve earned enough ZoomBucks you can cash out with PayPal or get a gift card from popular retailers, including Target,Walmart and Amazon.

Let’s take a look at the ZoomBucks review video for more info…

How to Make Money with ZoomBucks

First you JOIN up.

Then you can earn ZoomBucks points just for completing the welcome tutorial.

Next you’ll want to workout your daily strategy because you can earn bonus ZoomBucks by reaching the daily bonus level. And the daily bonus level is worth an extra 5% so it’s worth chasing.

There are a number of surveys that earn you 50 ZoomBucks or more and you can take these daily. So choose a couple of surveys and try to reach your daily bonus level of 100 each day. And there are even more bonuses if you want to click more.

And if you continue to do this over a week, you’ll be close to cashing out a $10 gift card.

Given a 100 ZoomBucks is worth a $1, you’ll have to decide if getting clicking to get 2, 5 or 10 ZoomBucks is worth your time.

Personally I think the better ZoomBucks strategy is to just concentrate on surveys and although these will take you 15-20 mins of your time you’ll earn a dollar relatively quickly.

Tip: Look for offers or Surveys with the Spin icon to get free spins of the prize wheel.

VIP Program

If you’re a regular user of ZoomBucks or have managed to refer a reasonable number of members, then consider upgrading to the VIP level to multiply your earnings.

Memberships range from $5.99 -$59.99 per month and have the following benefits

  • Daily Login Bonus
  • Daily Bonus
  • Spin Bonus
  • Bonus Points Multiplier


ZoomBucks Referral Program

Yes, there is a ZoomBucks referral program and you can earn extra points when your referral does.

Here’s my referral link if you are thinking of joining ZoomBucks – http://www.zoombucks.com/index.php?ref=365ways

And thanks for using my link.


There are plenty of ways to make money and get paid to click with ZoomBucks. And although you won’t make a lot of money, you’ll at least have fun doing it.

Definitely, add ZoomBucks to your daily get paid to click routine.

Potential Earnings:  3 MONEYBAGS

3 moneybags rating

Time Required: 1 hour

15 minute time blocks



Thanks for taking the time to read this ZoomBucks Review and if you have any questions, come and find me on Twitter @365waysto and I’ll see if I can help. Otherwise, take a look around and discover some of the best ways to make money online.